Issuetrak 14

A reinvented UI for faster and easier ticket handling.

Issuetrak 14 View Issue Screen

Our biggest update yet brings significant changes to Issuetrak’s navigation and appearance.

  • Fewer page redirects and refreshes
  • Fewer clicks to get things done in Issuetrak
  • Improved visibility for menu options
  • Increased transparency for site features and settings
Issuetrak 12 Issuetrak 14

We hear you!

We’ve been listening closely to suggestions and comments from our customers and we’ve incorporated as much feedback as we could into Issuetrak 14. Welcome to a more intuitive, streamlined, and user-friendly Issuetrak.

A New Way To Access Settings

All of our administrative settings are now accessible in one place and visible from anywhere within Issuetrak. See all of Issuetrak's features at a glance (visibility permitting), whether you have the settings turned or not.

Take an Issuetrak 14 Feature Tour

Issuetrak 14 Custom Screen

Updated Left Menu
Our refreshed left menu is your Issuetrak “home base,” featuring the major navigation links to guide you around your site. We’ve included a “New Issue” button so no matter where you are within Issuetrak, you can quickly open an issue and get started.

New Right Context Menu
This new right menu provides contextual options that update depending on which Issuetrak page you’re working in. On select pages, we’ve also added a “Related Links” section that provides suggestions that may be tangentially related to the currently open page.

Collapsible Menus
Both the left and right menus can be collapsed to expand the view of the page below without sacrificing convenience! Even while collapsed, we’ve made the menu options accessible via clickable icons.

A brand-new bookmarks feature lets you custom pick which Issuetrak pages you want at your fingertips. Set, organize, and rename your bookmarks with a few quick clicks -- it’s that simple!

Top Bar
We've removed our top navigation menu and replaced it with a fixed top bar. We’ve also resized the top left logo and moved the top right logo to a new position within the left menu.

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Click the links to read our blog series that dives deep into each new feature. Or you can check out our Release Notes for a more technical overview.


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