Issue Hub

View, organize, and update your issues, all in one place.

Our newest update expands the new Issue Hub with even more functionality! See all your issues at a glance, organize them exactly how you need them, and update them with the click of a button.

Issuetrak 12.6 Issue Hub Screen

Transform how you work

Add Custom Tabs Add your own custom tabs right from the Issue Hub by pressing the plus button to the right of your existing tabs. Give your tab a unique, descriptive name so Users can quickly identify its purpose. ADD CUSTOM TABS Customize Your Tabs Custom tabs in Issue Hub allow you to put your team's most important information at the forefront. Click and drag to add and organize columns within your new tab. You can also apply a base filter to the tab for further customization. CUSTOMIZE YOUR TABS Make Mass Updates Have you ever wanted to mass update issues without leaving your Hub? Now you can! Select the issues that need updating, choose your actions, and save. Issuetrak will take it from there. MAKE MASS UPDATES

Time-Saving Enhancements


While choosing which columns you want in your custom tabs, simply Ctrl + click and drag to move more than one at a time.

Issuetrak Fast Select Enhancement Example
Issuetrak Top Scroll Enhancement Example


Rather than having to navigate to the bottom of the table to scroll your Issue Hub left and right, a second, top scrollbar provides additional convenience.


You can disable tabs directly from the Hub page rather than navigating to settings. We’ve also included a quick link to the Issue Hub settings page.

Issuetrak Disable Tabs Enhancement Example
Issuetrak Escalation Rules Example


Issue Hub’s Mass Updates tool can now do even more for your team. Mass Update issues to meet your Escalation Rule conditions, and Issuetrak will automatically perform changes on those issues. Or use the Issue Hub with Round Robin to mass assign issues with the click of a button.


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