Azure AD & UI Enhancements

Improved security. Increased visibility. A new, streamlined look for Issuetrak.

Our newest update brings an all-new integration with Azure AD for fast, secure login. We’ll also show you what’s ahead: enhancements to layout and navigation that will improve efficiency and streamline your Issuetrak experience!

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Integrate with ease

With our recent 12.8 release comes brand-new compatibility with Azure Active Directory. This integration is an important next step in our commitment to expand our identity management integrations.

Easy migration from your existing Active Directory implementation

One Click Single Sign-On for faster, more secure login

Multi-factor Authentication to satisfy your team’s security needs

Want to find out more about what Azure AD is, how it works, and why it’s important?

improving with you

There’s a lot of exciting changes coming down the line for Issuetrak. Here’s a glimpse of what’s in the works:

Issue Hub Updates

Available in Issuetrak 12.10

Our newest release features updates based on feedback we’ve received directly from our customers and internal stakeholders. Check out our blog post on the new release for more information!

  • More Tabs

    You can now have up to 50 tabs in your Issue Hub!

  • Tab Cloning

    Clone existing tabs instead of recreating them from scratch.

  • Visibility Controls

    Tab visibility controls are based on Organization and Group membership.

  • System Admin Options

    System Admins can now set the tab display order and indicate a default tab.

Issue Screen Improvements

Available in Issuetrak 12.9

We’ve decluttered the Issue pages (both Issue submission and Issue view) for a more streamlined appearance. The pages are now left-aligned and the spacing between items has been improved.

“Standard” Site
Installation Option

Available for New Issuetrak Installations

Customers installing Issuetrak can now choose between Standard and Clean deployments. Our Standard deployment is all new; rather than a completely blank slate, this option comes ready with recommendations, tutorials, templates, and examples showing how you can use Issuetrak’s capabilities to the fullest!

All-New Navigation


Our Development Team has been hard at work streamlining how our users navigate Issuetrak, and we’re excited to share this all-new look with you!

  • Fewer page redirects and refreshes
  • Improved option visibility and feature transparency
  • Fewer clicks to get things done in your Issuetrak site

Stay tuned for more detailed announcements regarding this update in the upcoming weeks, and be on the lookout for the release in spring 2021.

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