NEW in Issuetrak 12.4

Issue Hub

An updated and improved way to see your issues, your way - all at a glance!

We’ve updated the “My Issues” page with a new look and all-new functionality! Now called the Issue Hub, this personalized control panel of issues lets you access, organize, and manage your issues from a single screen.

Issuetrak 12.4 Issue Hub Screenshot

Here’s What’s New:

Sort & Filter Drop-Down

A new drop-down menu provides quick sorting and data-specific filtering options. Chain filters together to quickly find exactly which issues you need.

Tab Visibility

Sometimes, having every tab visible in the Issue Hub isn’t necessary. Now you can easily hide any unneeded tabs with the flip of a switch, or turn them back on if you need to later.

Better Performance

We’ve updated the backend of the Open Issues tab, allowing it to collect and process a large amount of data in a short amount of time. Whether you have 10 open issues or 1,000, you’ll be able to load them much faster.

Coming Soon: Phase 2

But that’s not all! This release lays the groundwork for exciting new features on the horizon. In our upcoming 12.6 release we’ll be building on this foundation to bring you even bigger updates for the Issue Hub page.


Every organization is different, so why should every Issue Hub look the same? Customize your Hub to look and function the way you need it to for better and more efficient issue management.

  • Custom Tabs let you add new, self-defined tabs to your Issue Hub in addition to removing any default tabs you don’t need.
  • Custom Columns allow you to add and delete columns as necessary - providing a way to filter issues by not just the standard Issuetrak fields but by User Defined Fields as well.
Mass Updates Icon

Mass Issue Updates

Let your team members take certain actions on groups of issues in the Issue Hub with the click of a button - no need to spend time navigating to individual issues!

Users with the proper permissions can perform the following actions on issues directly from the Issue Hub screen:

  • Close Issue
  • Assign Next Action
  • Add Required By Date
  • Update Issue Class
  • Assign Issue
  • Add Target Date

We want YOUR feedback!

As with any major change in our product, we look to our customers to provide feedback on what works, what doesn’t, and what should come next. If you have ideas or opinions you’d like to share regarding the new Issue Hub, our upcoming Phase Two additions, or anything else described on this page, we’d love to hear your thoughts.

For more detailed information on what’s new, read our Release Notes! You can also visit our Product Roadmap to see what’s on the horizon!

Please send your detailed feedback to

and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.