eBook: A Tale of Two Issues

Companies deal with plenty of issues every day, from internal errors to comments and complaints made by customers. Without effective issue tracking software in place, some of these issues can slip through unnoticed -- causing small hiccups to snowball into big, costly problems.

This eBook tells the story of two companies: one that uses issue tracking software and one that doesn’t. Read on to see how both companies deal with the same issue, take steps toward resolving it, and learn from their mistakes. (It’s not hard to guess which company has an easier time.)

Download this eBook to learn more about:

  • How issue tracking software can automatically flag issues, alerting those who need to know immediately
  • How the software can be used beyond the issues themselves -- from managing workflows to documenting processes for auditing purposes
  • Why working without an issue tracking solution can cause greater costs to your business over time

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