Traktip: Easy Automation with Issuetrak Business Rules

It’s time for another traktip!

This month we’ll talk about setting up Automation, formerly known as Business Rules, to seamlessly assign issues to an agent.

If you have certain issues that always need to go to the same person or group, you want to make sure the issues get to them as soon as possible. Don’t manually assign the issues—automatically assign them instead. This lets the issue go to the right person as soon as it’s submitted!

No More Issue Triage

If you have a lot of issues coming in, or if you have multiple departments using your Issuetrak site, it’s important for the issues to get to the right person quickly. Having someone monitoring all the incoming issues and assigning them to the correct agent or group is sometimes necessary, but takes time.

Instead, you can set up a Business Rule to automatically assign an issue to any agent or group of agents. When an issue is submitted, Issuetrak will automatically check your list of automations and assign the issue based on the criteria you’ve set up.

How to Set up Auto Assignments

Only Administrators are able to create automations, which allow you to define the criteria that generate the assignment. Only agents or groups with the permission “Can Be Assigned Issues” can have an issue automatically assigned to them this way.

To set up your automations:

  1. Navigate the gear icon in the right-hand corner. In the settings lightbox, select Auto Assignments
  2. On the next page, select Add from the right Quick menu
  3. Select the criteria for assignment, such as type, priority, or time frame
  4. Select which agent or group should receive the assignment
  5. Click Save

It’s important to select only the criteria needed to make the assignment. Leave all the other fields blank. The more fields selected, the more values must match exactly for the assignment to occur.

An automatic assignment occurs when the issue is submitted; however, issue assignment can be changed at any time by an agent with the ability to assign issues. If manual assignment is necessary on a specific issue, it can override the automatic assignment. Your settings for automatic assignment can be modified at any time by an Administrator without impacting any already existing issues.

Bonus Tip: Assignments by Issue Template

You can also set up assignments on your Issue Templates, previously called Quick Picks. By defining an assignment on an Issue Template, the assignment is already in place every time the template is used to submit an issue. This is a great way to have your commonly submitted issues already designated to go to the right area!

As always, if you have any questions or would like to see this in action via a quick demo, I’m happy to help!

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