Improve Reporting, Workflow Processes with Our Property Management Software

Efficiency, organization, and effective communication are all important for success in property management. Whether you're overseeing independent properties, managing corporate assets, or maintaining homeowner associations (HOAs), the everyday challenges remain the same. However, with the right tools at your disposal, these challenges can be transformed into opportunities for success. In this article, we will share with you about Issuetrak’s Property Management CRM software, and how it can benefit your property management reporting.

Issuetrak’s Property Management Software

Issuetrak offers a comprehensive software solution for property management entities across various scenarios:

Work Request Management 

Easily manage work requests for repairs, maintenance, and other facilities-related tasks. From HVAC repairs to plumbing issues, Issuetrak streamlines the entire process from request submission to resolution.

Complaint Management

Centralize tenant complaints or requests with one unified system, eliminating the need for outdated spreadsheets or overwhelming email threads. Whether it's parking violations or housing disputes, Issuetrak ensures efficient resolution.

Billing and Fee Tracking

Keep track of billing, fees, and fines associated with our property management software. Whether it's following up on violations or managing association dues, Issuetrak provides a robust system for financial management.

Lease Renewals and Scheduled Issues

Set up notifications for lease renewals or routine maintenance tasks, ensuring timely action and compliance. From violation notices to maintenance reminders, Issuetrak helps keep operations on track.

Corporate Litigation Issues

Manage operational-level and corporate-level concerns, such as insurance renewals, gas leaks, or legal issues arising from accidents on premises. Issuetrak ensures that no issue slips through the cracks, with automation workflows and task management features.

Benefits of Issuetrak’s Property Management Software for Companies

Increased Visibility and Communication

Issuetrak's ticketing system enhances visibility, improves communication, and retains a detailed history of requests. You no longer have to deal with multiple vendors and their various systems - nor do you run the risk of losing any data associated with them. Instead of dealing with one landscaper that uses Jira and another that uses HappyFox, you can bring all your contractors into your Issuetrak tracking system to keep tabs on all work histories AND keep vendors accountable for work requests. From uniformity and consistency across vendors to live reporting for tracking metrics, Issuetrak ensures that all stakeholders stay informed and engaged.

Centralized Location for Complaints

Say goodbye to scattered complaints and requests. Issuetrak provides a centralized platform for collecting and managing tenant issues. This allows to quickly facilitate an efficient resolution, resulting in better overall customer service. 

Streamlined Implementation 

Worried about the time and effort required to implement new software? Issuetrak offers managed services to handle the setup process, ensuring a smooth transition without disrupting your operations. Some of our competitors might drop you after you sign the dotted line, leaving you to configure or figure out the software yourself. Others withhold dedicated account management and setup guidance to higher pricing tiers, leaving many customers high and dry. Issuetrak devotes a personal account manager to you from the first call throughout the entire relationship, and we provide a dedicated team of experts to guide you through a setup process that adheres directly to your specifications.

Customizable Reporting

Gain insights and identify trends with Issuetrak's customizable reporting options. Whether it's tracking vendor performance or detecting and preventing recurring issues, Issuetrak provides the data you need to make informed decisions. Custom views are important, too. Workers can track progress. Managers and Board Members can keep an eye on and measure performance. C-Suite/Managers/Directors can easily present historical data, performance statistics or progress on an issue to tenants/owners/property managers who want to be in the know.

Issuetrak’s Property Management Software Examples and Case Studies

Leland Management: Facing challenges with managing landscaping vendors across multiple properties, Leland Management turned to Issuetrak for a centralized solution. Issuetrak helped improve visibility and accountability across all vendors by streamlining requests and enhancing communication.

United Land Services: Utilizing Issuetrak as a middleman between landscapers and property managers, United Land Services streamlined communication and task management. Our Task Manager feature ensured that property managers stayed updated on vendor status and progress.

Tacala, LLC: Taco Bell and KFC franchisee Tacala, LLC, relies on Issuetrak for repair requests and tracking consumables across its stores. Using our Billing Module, Tacala can accurately track repair time and materials, ensuring efficient maintenance operations.

Oklahoma City Housing Authority (OCHA): OCHA uses Issuetrak to manage tenant complaints and maintenance requests for low-income housing. Utilizing Webform submissions enables anonymous complaints, while automated notifications ensure timely resolution.

Red Property Management: Handling tenant work orders and asset management, Red Property Management leverages Issuetrak for billing, email management, and surveys. Our comprehensive features ensure efficient property management operations.

Why Choose Issuetrak?

Issuetrak stands out from Property Management software competitors with its:

  • Customization Options: Tailored configurations and user-defined fields ensure that Issuetrak adapts to your specific needs, regardless of industry or issue type.
  • Audit Trail and Live Reporting: Never lose the history of issues with Issuetrak's detailed audit trail and customizable reporting options, allowing for trend analysis and performance tracking.
  • Webforms: Customize fields to collect the data points you specify. Collect the info you need right away to aptly and quickly solve problems.
  • Task Manager: instantly route complaints to the right hands for optimal team responsiveness, SLA compliance, speedier resolution, and improved performance.

Issuetrak’s property management software offers a comprehensive solution, addressing pain points and enhancing efficiency across various scenarios. From work request management to corporate-level issues, Issuetrak empowers property managers to streamline operations, improve communication, and deliver exceptional service to tenants and clients alike. Contact Issuetrak to get started today!

Issuetrak empowers property managers with one solution for all requests.

From auditable histories and live reporting, to instantly routed work requests, learn how Issuetrak simplifies your process.


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