July Staff Appreciation and Recognition: Michelle Ashton

Congratulations to our Sales Extraordinaire and Business Solutions Specialist, Michelle Ashton, for earning her spot as STAR of the month in our July Staff Appreciation and Recognition Award.

For nearly two and a half years, Michelle has gone out of her way to be a great help throughout the company, earning our staff recognition. (You may have seen her marketing efforts across Issuetrak’s social channels!) On the inside, she often helps boost our entire team’s morale, taking every opportunity to share on Slack the positive feedback she hears from our customers. She is our gateway of sorts, reminding us at every turn that we’re servicing our customers above and beyond.

 “I see the STAR Award as recognition and validation of my hard work, dedication, and achievements! The incentive boosts my motivation and confidence to help Issuetrak grow.” 

Her wild obsession with the color green is no accident. Green, the symbol of optimism, growth, and abundance matches Michelle’s ethic impeccably. With a constant drive for growth (and always a fun commentary in her back pocket), Michelle is an incredible asset to Issuetrak's team.

Her bubbly nature doesn’t get in the way of her competitive side. She teases, “I love healthy competition. I always want to prove to myself that I'm an excellent addition to the team and will always work to get to the top!” 

Michelle’s determination for success is equal to her genuine spirit. She persists in having valuable conversations with people in and out of her network—whether they become customers or not. This is because, to Michelle, it’s crucial to hear the stories and pains of others, so she can do what she enjoys best: helping others see the resolution to their problems.

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Healthy, honest relationship-building is as much high-value priority as physical and mental health is. She adds, “Gym is my therapy.” Being a successful business developer certainly has its ups and downs—and Michelle inspires all women in tech, knowing how to find balance with an active outlet.

Michelle’s eagerness to experiment with new tech tools and apps also is an inspiration.  She learned later in life how much she loves to travel. But only having gotten her passport during Covid, she has yet to get the chance to use it. We could all take a leaf out of her book, though: learning “later in life” shouldn’t deter any of us from discovering our true selves. 

Thank you for your inspiration and dedication to thrive, Michelle!

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