Issuetrak + Zapier: A Recipe for Success

A New Direction for Integrations

It’s 2023 – apps need to communicate with each other. Inter-app communication has shifted from being a nice-to-have to an expected piece of functionality. At Issuetrak, we’ve long offered access to a Restful API, giving those with coding experience the opportunity to utilize Issuetrak in new and exciting ways. However, modern integrations take the need for coding out of the equation, putting the power of connecting apps into the hands of anyone.

That sounds all well and good, but there’s a lot that goes into building integrations between apps. How do you even decide which apps to build integrations for? At Issuetrak, we were eager to tackle the challenge of making integrations, but knowing/deciding where to start was a difficult question to answer. 

After careful consideration and research, Zapier emerged as the logical first step into the integration waters.

Zapier…What’s That?

Zapier is an automation platform that serves as a bridge between apps. If person A’s job is to fill the bucket with water and person C’s job is to empty the bucket over the fire, Zapier is the person in the middle that passes the bucket of water between A and C.

Connecting two or more apps requires the creation of a Zap. After supplying your credentials for the apps you want to connect, a simple interface allows you to set up multi-step Zaps that pass data between applications. Want an event in App A to trigger an event in App B? Zaps make that simple.

Because it sits in the middle, building an integration with Zapier instantly allows your app to connect with any other app that’s also integrated with Zapier. With over 4,000 connected apps and counting, choosing Zapier as our target integration became an easy decision.

4k+ Apps Sounds Great, But How Can I Utilize This With Issuetrak?

As active users of our own software, our internal Support and Sales teams were eager to take advantage of integrating with Zapier. Previously, we manually created users and organizations in Issuetrak based on new data going into HubSpot (our sales and marketing CRM platform). This process was difficult to manage and quality control, and required several steps and departments to maintain careful communication.

Today, our Issuetrak support site receives new users and organizations by HubSpot feeding the data through multiple Zaps. Based on specific scenarios we defined, HubSpot’s webhook automation feature sends multiple calls to Zapier. Some examples of how we’ve integrated HubSpot and Issuetrak include:

  • We have a zap that updates existing users or organizations when the respective objects are updated in HubSpot.
  • Certain user fields will call a zap that places users into corresponding groups.
  • We control a user’s status and ability to log into the support site based on their state in HubSpot.
  • And as a customer’s account status changes, their corresponding organization status in Issuetrak updates to always reflect the current disposition of the account.

The Future is Bright

Our initial launch of the Zapier integration is very much a beta. At the moment, you can only access the entities within Issuetrak - Users, Organizations, and Groups. There is a great deal of power and potential available with this beta, and our own setup is proof of how much time and energy an integration can save. Still, we acknowledge that one key element is missing: the ability to create, update, and close issues. Our developers are actively working on providing this next piece of the puzzle, so stay tuned to our product roadmap for updates.

In the meantime, there are still so many exciting ways to connect Issuetrak with other apps. Want the creation of a new user in Issuetrak to notify your team via Slack? Easy. Want the addition of a record in Google Sheets to generate a new Organization? Done.  

If you’d like more direct guidance on using Zapier, our team is standing by to assist. Our Professional Services team can walk you through the entire process, step by step. Take it from us - there is no point in working harder when Zapier makes your workflows so much smarter.

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