5 Tools to Help You Achieve Automation Greatness

Automation transforms business outcomes.

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It’s Time to Prioritize Automation

If you want to improve the value your help desk offers to your organization, then automation needs to be at the top of your ‘to do’ list. Why? It will allow you to:

  • Manage heavy workloads and spikes in ticket volume
  • Accelerate issue resolution to please and delight users
  • Use your team’s skills more effectively
  • Look like a help desk hero to management
  • Ensure the top-notch support you provide is at the top of customers’ minds

In other words, automation helps you work smarter, not harder.

Automation for Reputable Support

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5 Issuetrak Tools for Automation Awesomeness

1. Be Smart About Task Distribution

Issuetrak's Task Manager takes micro-management out of the equation while keeping open issues moving forward. This powerful feature allows you to assign tasks to anyone responsible for completing an action on a ticket. With a simple check of yes, no, or N/A, they can complete the task and let the automation take its course. Branching tasks can mirror any of your internal processes, making ticket handling a snap.

2. Stay Accountable To Users with Workflows

It’s good to tailor your ticketing process with time-based automation.

Issuetrak’s workflows nudge ticket submitters into action. Users can automate actions on a help ticket based on two factors: time interval and conditions met.

There are 3 parts to a workflow:

  • Interval: How much time has passed from the time a user submits a ticket, or a period of inactivity. 
  • Conditions: The conditions of the issue that you want to monitor. 
  • Actions: The actions performed when the Interval and Conditions are met.

Workflows help move tickets forward and ensure no issue gets left behind. 

3. Manage Work Better with Substatus Rules

Seeing the substatus of a ticket at a glance helps agents prioritize the tickets they have to monitor or immediately solve. If a submitter opens, closes, assigns, or adds a note to a ticket, Substatus Rules will trigger the substatus to change accordingly.

Issuetrak uses substatus automation to help get tickets through the queue. Issuetrak can “flag” issues and alert agents by changing the substatus from “Pending Submitter Response” to “Submitter Response Received”. 

With Issuetrak, substatus changes can also pause and unpause the system clock, which defines how long a ticket is open. This impacts the two time calculations in Issuetrak:

  • Total Time Open: The time from submission to closure
  • Adjusted Time Open: The time from submission to closure, minus the time an issue’s substatus paused, such as during a “Pending Submitter Response” phase.

4. Show Off with Scheduled Reporting

From your top management to your customer’s inbox, automated reports keep everyone in the know. Make use of Issuetrak’s Scheduled Reporting tools and show progress reports periodically, at whatever interval you define. This best practice maintains open visibility on your organization’s performance and the ticketing volume you handle.

5. Personalize Your Automated Responses

Using templates in automated responses helps keep eyes on ticket status and prompts users to action. But while you’re making the most of automation, make sure to sprinkle some character into your messages. Yes, it’s important to save agents’ time, but don’t sacrifice the human touch. The added humanity will make ticket resolution taste sweeter and help users and customers build trust in you.

Issuetrak’s Custom Messages are pre-baked into the product for you. You can update this message at any time (see how in the video below) or you can leverage our Professional Services team to help set up custom messaging with you.


Issuetrak’s Automations can Help

Automation can turn a 5-hour long process into a 5-minute project. Issuetrak's Time-Based and Event-Based Automations are powerful tools that facilitate workflow automation and efficiency. By leveraging these automation types, organizations can significantly reduce manual efforts, improve response times, and enhance overall productivity. 

Whether it's automating routine tasks through Time-Based Automations or responding to real-time events using Event-Based Automations, Issuetrak empowers users to manage their issue tracking processes with streamlined precision and workflow ease.

Automate your work.

Issuetrak's software can help:

✅ Skill-route tasks automatically

✅ Automate notifications for full visibility on an issue

✅ Generate custom-built reports at intervals you define

✅ And more


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