Issuetrak 16.5 Release: Add Multiple Assets To An Issue

As always, our team worked hard to squash bugs and improve application performance and security in Issuetrak 16.5—read our release notes for more details. But this release brings something a cut above the rest to the Issuetrak fold.

Long-awaited and frequently requested, this revolutionary update brings major improvements to Asset Management headlined by the ability to add multiple assets to an issue!

Overview of 16.5

  • Add multiple assets to a single issue under a brand new interface. Multiple asset handling is also reflected correctly in other areas, including asset histories, reporting, the Issue Hub, and Issue Search. 
    Match your business lingo with Asset Relabeling. Replace “asset” with a term that better aligns with your business.
  • Get Quick Access to Scheduled Issues from within Asset Management. If you’re among our many customers who use Scheduled Issues to track routine or preventative asset maintenance, this is especially for you. Scheduled Issues are now more accessible throughout the Asset Management module, making asset maintenance—and your life—that much easier.
  • Use Script Embedding Support to embed chat clients, analytics tools, or marketing automation platforms. Located within Settings > Features, this new capability lets you embed html into every page of Issuetrak. 

When can you expect 16.5? 

Cloud customers

You'll receive this update automatically on April 16th after 10 p.m. ET. Test sites will be upgraded April 9th after 8 p.m. ET. 

On-premises customers

Are you ready to download Issuetrak 16.5? You can get the new release, review upgrade instructions, and see our release notes by clicking here (Issuetrak Support Site credentials required). On-premises customers can visit this  Knowledge Base article to get the latest version now (Issuetrak Support Site credentials required). 

Get in touch with our team

If you’re impatient to see 16.5 sooner rather than later (we would be, too), you can contact our Support team by calling 757-213-1351 or filling out the form below.

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