Issuetrak 16: License Validation

We’re slamming into summer with the highly anticipated Issuetrak 16, which is now underway! This release comes with major quality-of-life improvements for our customers —simpler license validation, UDF list items inactivation, and UX improvements! And those are just the highlights. Dive deeper into what to expect from this release in our Help Center.

16’s Highlight: Streamlined License Validation 

Issuetrak 16 streamlines the way your product license is handled. Gone are the days of having to copy/paste a license key into the application.

Now, license changes, such as adding more agents or activating a new module, for example, will only require you to go into the product and hit an update button. This applies to both our cloud and on-premises customers. 

For our on-premises customers, upgrades and fresh installations post-Issuetrak 16 will only require your Site ID—again, no more keys!

For more details on the activation process, please reference this Help Center article.

What else is new?

Filter in place on the Knowledge Base quick search page

Especially for those of you who have a lot of Knowledge Base categories, we’ve improved navigational features for your ease of use. While we had previously introduced pagination to the list of categories, 16 now gives you the options of previous/next buttons or to jump to a specific page in the category list.

What We’ve Improved: UDF list options

List User Defined Fields (UDFs) give critical information for issue reporting. But what happens when UDF list values are no longer applicable? Perhaps an employee has left your company and is no longer active—what do you do with that information, then?

Previously, you could only rename or delete the UDF value, or in the above instance, the person’s name. However, the problem remains that a renamed or deleted value still appeared in any created issue and in Report Writer, leaving behind some confusion as to who was associated with it.

We've introduced a configurable toggle, giving you the ability to inactivate individual options in List UDFs. Inactive options won't appear on new issues but will remain viewable where previously selected and in issue reporting.

This way, issue reporting remains accurate, as inactivated list UDF values will still appear in Report Writer, yet UDFs will present a cleaner filtered drop down for a better user experience.

Other Improvements

Reporting performance improvements 

In some cases, you’ll notice drastic performance increases when running larger reports, with data appearing several seconds faster.

Paging buttons at the top and bottom of each Issue Hub view

We’ve made navigation easier on the Issue Hub by eliminating the need to scroll all the way to the top of the Issue Hub view to get to the next page. Stay on task and find what you need more easily with Version 16’s paging buttons at the top and bottom of each Issue Hub view. 

Jump-ahead navigation on the Knowledge Base category list page

In the Knowledge Base, enjoy the convenience of jumping between numbered pages for easier, faster navigation to the information you need the most.

What to Expect for Cloud vs. On-Premises Customers

As with all our releases, our crew worked hard to eliminate bugs and improve application performance and security. For all the details, please check out our release notes

Cloud customers can, per usual, sit back and relax while we handle the update maintenance for you.

On-premises customers can visit this Knowledge Base article to get the latest version now (Issuetrak Support Site credentials required). If you’re ready to download Issuetrak 16, you can get the new release, review upgrade instructions, and see our release notes by clicking here (Issuetrak Support Site credentials required).

If you need any assistance during the upgrade process, our Support team is ready to help.
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