15.7 Upgrade: A Reimagined Report Writer

Issuetrak 15.7 Helps You Generate Reports In Fewer Steps

The spotlight is on for the debut of a reformed Report Writer in Issuetrak’s latest 15.7 upgrade. 15.7 Upgrade: A Reimagined Report Writer

Until now, writing a report required you to buckle up for the ride through 3 screens to filter data via a query—followed by 5 more screens to build the subsequent final report. (Flashback to the iconic Scooby-Doo scene with characters running frantically through infinity doors…We’re out of breath just thinking about it!)

It was time to make your reporting process a whole lot simpler while maintaining the Report Writer’s basic function.

See The Difference In 15.7’s Improvements To Report Writer

We’ve massively updated our report creation screens, yet generating a report is as smooth and easy as ever so you can better track your results.

Before, report creation was divided into two steps: creating queries and creating reports. Now, separate query screens are no longer! 15.7 has done away with these separate systems, making it easier to build your report.

Before, the gatekeeper formerly known as “queries” would let you select information through data sets, field selections, and filtering. Now, queries are integrated into Reports (so smoothly, you wouldn’t even know it), streamlining your whole reporting process into fewer steps.

Before, you ran the gauntlet of a few screens of data input before being able to build a report from your created query. Now, With 15.7, you can do all necessary reporting steps within just two screens.

Furthermore, as a brand new added feature, you can export reports from the Select Reports screen, directly getting you the information you need faster.

Note: removing queries also affects Mass Updates, which now rely on reports to select the scope of data.

Don’t Worry, Your Old Queries Won’t Get Lost In The Shuffle

"Hey, what about my queries?" you might ask. Don't worry, we've saved them! When you upgrade your site, all queries get turned into reports so none become “orphaned”. Moreover, reporting allows you to save drafts, giving you greater peace of mind over your data.

15.7 Squashes Other Bugs For Your Ease Of Use

Report Writer's filtering mechanism also now gives you better scope for searching data. When you select Days, Weeks, Months, or Years, you can select either "Within the Last" or "Within the Next" to perform past and future searches.

15.7 also delivers visual improvements to our Billing Module, adding section headers and bold fonts in all the right places to help you sift through information faster on the page (not to mention making things easier on your eyes).

Want More Info On Issuetrak 15.7?

Have a closer look at the updated Report Writer and minor bug fixes in the release notes at our Help Center. As always, we’re here for you through every step of an upgrade. Reach out to our Technical Support team or your account manager for additional guidance.

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