Transform Your Customer Support with Issuetrak's Complaint Management Software

It's a scenario we've all experienced. You have an issue with a product or service and decide to reach out to the company for a solution. But instead of swift, efficient help, you're met with long wait times, endless email threads, and unresponsive support teams. It's frustrating, isn't it? More than that, it's a pain point that can turn loyal customers into lost opportunities.

The Plight of Modern Customers: Why Traditional Support Systems Fail

Let's face it: customer support, as it currently exists, is often a source of frustration, not relief. It's not uncommon for customers to find themselves stuck in a seemingly never-ending cycle of unhelpful interactions when they’re just looking for a solution to their problem.

Here are some typical pain points customers face when they have an issue with a company or organization:

Long Wait Times: Nothing feels quite as agonizing as waiting on hold for what feels like forever, only to be transferred multiple times without any resolution in sight.

Back-and-Forth Email Threads: Emails are supposed to make communication easier, but when you're dealing with a complex issue, they can quickly become a confusing mess of back-and-forth threads that lead nowhere.

Unresponsive Support Teams: There's perhaps nothing more frustrating than reaching out for help and hearing...nothing. Unresponsive support teams can leave customers feeling ignored and undervalued.

Difficulty Finding Contact Information: When you're already dealing with an issue, the last thing you want is to spend precious time hunting down elusive contact information.

Lack of Knowledgeable Support: When support teams lack knowledge about their products or how to solve problems, it can exacerbate customer frustration and prolong resolution times.

No Self-Help Resources: In the digital age, many customers prefer to troubleshoot issues themselves before reaching out for support. Without a comprehensive Knowledge Base or video archive, they're left in the lurch.

These pain points are not just inconvenient; they can seriously damage your brand's reputation and customer loyalty. So, what's the solution? Enter Issuetrak: a complaints management system designed to tackle these challenges head-on.

How Issuetrak's Complaint Management Software Transforms Customer Support

The pain points we discussed earlier can seem overwhelming, but they don't have to be. With the right tools in place, these challenges can become opportunities for growth and improvement. That's where Issuetrak's complaint management software comes into play.

Level up your complaint management process with software.


1. Centralized, Efficient Feedback Management

At Issuetrak, we believe that each piece of customer feedback is a golden opportunity to improve your products and services. Our software provides a centralized platform for managing all customer feedback, eliminating the need for disjointed spreadsheets, endless email threads, and chaotic text/chat messages.

2. Collect All The Right Information With Webforms

Our intuitive Webforms are designed to help you collect all necessary information the first time around. Whether you choose a standard webform or a customized one that matches your brand, these public-facing forms ensure quick and easy submission with no login required.

3. Custom Forms and Omnichannel Feedback

With our User Defined Fields (UDFs), you can build complaint forms specific to the type of feedback being submitted. We also provide omnichannel feedback options, allowing customers to send emails, fill out webforms, and chat with support agents for a seamless complaint submission process. Plus our easy to launch surveys allow our clients to build surveys that capture customer satisfaction metrics and provide valuable feedback about the quality of your resolutions.

4. Automation and Quick Notes

Our automation features eliminate manual tracking, freeing up your time for other business areas. Our Quick Notes feature allows you to define blocks of text ahead of time, ensuring consistent messaging and fast response times.

5. Escalations and Notifications

Issuetrak streamlines the complaint resolution process by automatically escalating tickets and notifying employees or customers when complaints receive updates. This keeps everyone in the loop and speeds up the resolution process.

6. Digitized Reporting and Visual Dashboards

Our software provides digitized reporting and visual dashboards to quickly identify problem areas that need additional attention. Dashboard reports give you a snapshot of open complaints by type, assignment, priority, and more, making it easy to report on workload, resolutions, and more.

7. Knowledge Base Documentation

Issuetrak's Knowledge Base (KBase) empowers users to self-learn and troubleshoot problems, freeing up your agents for more pressing issues. KBase articles can be easily attached to issues and sent to users for clarity and swifter resolution. Plus, you can bookmark your favorite articles and receive updates whenever they are updated.

8. Standardized Process Management

Our Task Manager feature helps create checklists and branching workflows for step-by-step processes, notifying everyone involved when it's their turn to act. The Substatus feature allows agents to see at a glance how far along an issue is in the resolution chain, helping teams prioritize urgent items. Lastly, our round-robin ticketing routes tickets to the next agent in the queue, avoiding duplicated efforts and saving your business time and money.

In short, Issuetrak's complaint management software is designed to turn customer complaints into opportunities for growth and improvement. By addressing common pain points, we help businesses provide better support, improve customer satisfaction, and ultimately thrive in today's competitive market.

Success Stories: How Issuetrak's Complaint Management Software Revolutionizes Industries

Issuetrak's complaint management system is versatile, adaptable, and has been successfully implemented across a wide range of industries. Let's take a look at how various sectors have benefited from our software, turning complaints into opportunities for improvement and growth.


Sonoma County Transit and Loudoun County Public Schools both utilize Issuetrak to track transportation complaints. Whether it's late pickup arrivals or bus incidents, Issuetrak helps these organizations provide statistics and maintain open communications with concerned parents.

Medical Industry

Lazurite, a medical device manufacturer, uses Issuetrak to manage complaints and issues with their manufactured products. Meanwhile, healthcare providers Crystal Run Transformation Services and Nimiipuu Health have implemented Issuetrak to track patient complaints and improve the quality of their health services.

Food Industry, Restaurants & Food Production

Silver Diner, Osmow’s, Inc., Briannas Del Sol Food, Mrs. T’s Pierogies, Skinner Baking, and TriYum, a food delivery subscription app, all use Issuetrak to manage customer and consumer complaints. As Jimmy Aguilar, senior network administrator, information technology at Silver Diner puts it, 

Having a tool like Issuetrak helps us live up to our 110% brand promise by immediately correcting any problems and helping us turn customer experiences around. We might see a customer with a past negative comment later write in with a positive comment.

Government Sector

The SC Department of Social Services Office of Civil Rights - (IPR) and Oklahoma City Housing Authority both utilize Issuetrak for requests and complaints tracking. This ensures that citizens' concerns are addressed in a timely and efficient manner, fostering greater trust and satisfaction.

Finance Industry

America’s Leading Finance, an auto loan financing company, leverages Issuetrak to manage mechanical damage complaints and determine if submitted issues should be elevated to the legal level. This helps them provide better service and maintain their reputation in a highly competitive industry.

Manufacturing Industry

Corso Italia, a tile manufacturer whose top customer is Home Depot, uses Issuetrak to help customers report warehouse issues about damaged goods or incorrect items or quantities. This ensures swift resolution of issues and enhances customer satisfaction.

In every sector, Issuetrak's complaint management software has proven to be a game-changer. By transforming the way businesses handle complaints, we're helping them improve their services, satisfy their customers, and ultimately, succeed.

The ROI of Complaint Management Software

Investing in complaint management software like Issuetrak doesn't just solve immediate problems - it yields long-term returns in customer retention and operational efficiency. Let's explore how our software gives you an edge over competitors and why it's a smart investment for your business.

Software makes the impossible possible.


1. Ticket Visibility, Accountability, and Follow-Through

Complaint management software provides support teams with ticket visibility, accountability, and follow-through. This ensures that every customer ticket is moving forward towards resolution and keeps customers informed about the progress. For support teams struggling with directing incoming requests to the appropriate team member, our software is a cohesive solution that automates the overall support workflow process, ensuring no requests are overlooked or unanswered.

Unlike competitors like Freshworks which require you to buy multiple products to implement different processes, Issuetrak's centralized and multi-use system allows you to handle internal and external ticketing to track any kind of process, from HR issues to asset issues to customer complaints.

2. Automation and Efficiency

Automation takes away the headache of manual work. It replaces the heavy lifting of keeping track of shared email inboxes, spreadsheets, or paper forms, keeping teams on task, organized, and efficient when responding to issues. As one Business Analyst from a brick and tile manufacturer put it, Keeping up with complaints is impossible. Our software makes it possible.

3. Audit Trail and Compliance

In highly regulated industries, maintaining a clear audit trail is critical. Our software automatically logs and traces issue histories for you, creating a comprehensive audit trail. Adding notes to an issue helps create historical context, and scheduled issues help agents regulate their response to commonly recurring issues, saving time and effort that can be redirected toward other urgent customer problems.

4. Scalability and Customization

Issuetrak's wide customization options ensure our complaint management software scales with you as you grow. Manual solutions and certain competitors don't offer scalable solutions for growing companies. Many competitors, such as Spiceworks and Freshdesk, offer free versions with limited features, forcing businesses to buy higher-tier plans to access basic functionality.

In contrast, Issuetrak opts for transparent, straightforward pricing and avoids confusing pricing tiers. While we do not offer a free version, our agent-only plans are very competitive and affordable especially for SMBs. 

Our Support plans at $77/agent/month offer immense value with no feature-gating and the added bonus of unlimited free users. This enables even external parties to submit complaints allowing you to cast a wider net for customer feedback. We truly believe in enabling your help desk with all the functions necessary to serve your customers well, regardless of their price point. Plus, our risk-free 14-day free trial gives our clients the opportunity to test drive the features best suited to their complaint management needs. 

Many competitors like Jira and HappyFox lack customization options, making it difficult for organizations to build a help desk operation best suited to their needs. With Issuetrak, you can customize your submission task flow, help desk site appearance, ticketing labels, and more. Plus, valuable add-ons like Surveys, Billing, Webforms, and Chat enhance your customers' experience and give you greater scope over solving customer issues.

Transform Your Customer Service with Issuetrak

In today's fast-paced business landscape, customer satisfaction is not just important - it's critical. That's why so many organizations across various industries have turned to Issuetrak. Our complaint management software doesn't just help resolve issues - it transforms the way you interact with your customers, improving their experience and boosting their loyalty. We offer ticket visibility, accountability, automation, audit trails, and customization to meet your unique needs. Our transparent pricing ensures you get full access to features without any hidden costs. And most importantly, we're here to support you every step of the way.

With Issuetrak, you're not just investing in a tool, but a partner committed to your success. In a complaint management system, effective customer support is vital which is why we practice what we preach. Our customer support team consistently delivers exceptional service. With a 99% Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) score and a 9.9 Net Promoter Score (NPS), we're proud of our stellar performance. Not only that, but our efficiency is also top-notch with an average response time of under 30 seconds to answer phone calls. This commitment towards exceptional service has led to an influx of delighted reviews from our customers, proving the effectiveness of our system in managing complaints.

Don't let customer complaints become stumbling blocks. Turn them into stepping stones for growth and improvement. Ready to revolutionize your customer service? Contact Issuetrak today and start your journey towards superior customer support and satisfaction. You'll be amazed at how much easier life can be when you have the right tools at your disposal.

Let's turn complaints into compliments together.


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