Customer Support Software - Staying Personal in the Age of Technology


Satisfied customers. Businesses offering customer support, whether to other businesses or consumers, want their customers to be happy. Measuring customer satisfaction scores and acting on customer feedback is one piece of the puzzle. Technology is the other piece. Implemented and used properly, customer support software can confer huge, tangible advantages. With the right software, customer support becomes more personal, leading to satisfied and loyal customers.

Listening and Empathy

Human interaction, listening and empathy. Three major factors you look for as a customer of any business you work with. Some people think the advancement of technology has taken away the personal touch, but in reality, good technology frees up your agents, allowing them to take time to listen to customers, understand the problem, empathize with the customer’s pain, then work on getting the problem resolved. However, bad technology, or bad adoption of technology means that agents are frustrated, trying to figure out how to work the software. Then that becomes the priority, rather than the customers they’re supposed to support.

Good customer support software is easy to use, becoming a tool your agents utilize to support their goal of happy and satisfied customers. It stores the history of the customers, so agents can view all the interactions and make sure they’re concentrating on building relationships. History is visible to agents, putting everything right at their fingertips when needed, but can also be reported out to management.

Instant Access

Real time communication. In the late 80s, AT&T found success with their “Reach Out and Touch Someone” campaign. Everyone wants to feel like they can reach out and connect with the company they’re working with. Bad technology puts a wall between agents and customers. How often have you gotten lost in a phone queue, stuck on permanent hold, only to give up and try back another time?

We’ve become a microwave society, wanting everything quick and instant.

Good customer support software offers multiple channels for customers to reach out in the way that’s most convenient for them. That could include instant chats, texts, emails with fast responses, and phone calls that don’t linger in queues. Of course while the software is the facilitator, agents with good communication skills that love working with people is indeed a plus!

Clear Resolution

Customers want to know that their problems are being handled, and ultimately resolved. Bad technology prevents the customer from being able to see what’s happening on their issues. Good technology gives open visibility, perhaps even emails or texts as updates. Then they’re given detailed resolution notes, especially if it involves actions they need to take.

Behind the scenes, that’s making sure your customer support software is routing the request to the right team, and that they’re responsive. It may mean setting up escalations if items are left too long. It could also involve setting up self-help options, such as a knowledge base, or frequently asked questions. Your agents also need access to these resources, perhaps in technical documentation or training materials that can easily be disseminated to your customers.

The Next Generation

The future of customer support may include technology that we can currently only dream of. While companies work towards embracing the latest and greatest technology, they must never lose sight of this fact: their customer is a person. As long as you’re dealing with people, maintaining the human touch is paramount to maintaining good customer relationships and generating long-term loyalty.

If you’re currently managing your customer support through spreadsheets, no technology, or bad technology, Issuetrak can help you overcome those challenges, and return your focus to your customers. To learn more, talk to one of our Product Experts today!

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