Customer Spotlight - Southwest Power Pool

Southwest Power Pool uses Issuetrak to manage workflow processes and customer support.

Customer Overview

Southwest Power Pool (SPP) is responsible for distributing electricity to 14 states. Founded in 1941 in Little Rock, AR, they're a Regional Transmission Organization that supplies power to grids across the American Midwest.

"We ensure the reliable supply of power, adequate transmission infrastructure, and competitive wholesale electricity prices for a 546,000 square mile region, including more than 60,000 miles of high-voltage transmission lines," says Russell Quattlebaum, SPP's Director of Project Management and Customer Services.

Organization is key for a large company like SPP. With a staff of 600 and a customer base of 18 million, SPP receives and processes a high volume of internal and external requests every day. Without a way to manage all of those inquiries, things can get overwhelming fast.


Their Customer Relations department needed a way to keep up with the influx of new customers, and to stay organized if those 18 million customers experienced problems and needed to report them.

Before implementing Issuetrak, SPP relied on emails and spreadsheets to keep track of customer inquiries -- but this process wasn't going to be efficient enough to help them through their new growth phase.

"[It was] not scalable to the volume we were experiencing," says Quattlebaum. To meet the new demand for support, and an increased need for speedy internal communication, SPP needed to  look for something stronger and more flexible than their current system.


That same year, SPP published an RFP, hoping to find a software that would check all of their boxes. They needed a web-based program; something that could handle market financial disputes, organize customer inquiries, and process workflow all in one. They also needed to have control over user permissions so that only certain employees could see sensitive data.

"Issuetrak was the only vendor to respond to our RFP meeting all requirements," says Quattlebaum.

To implement the software, they set up a core group of employees that worked closely with Issuetrak's Professional Services team. Together they configured the settings to best suit SPP's needs.

Since then, they've expanded their use of Issuetrak to handle workflows and process and change management as well. This includes processes such as onboarding new customers. Issuetrak is SPP's "system of record" -- it holds all of the important information and forms for both internal and external auditing.


Issuetrak provides our customers a 'one stop shop' for inquiries and requests to [Southwest Power Pool]. They enjoy the ability to submit a request quickly... and see the progress made as their inquiry is resolved.”

-- Russel Quattlebaum, Southwest Power Pool



Now SPP's Customer Relations department runs smoothly -- they've maintained a 98% satisfaction average with their customers since switching to Issuetrak! Not only has the software improved their customer service, but it has also automated their internal processes so that employees can work faster and more efficiently.

The company saves time by using a single, comprehensive program to deal with a range of issues. And Issuetrak makes it easy to set visibility restrictions so that only certain employees can see certain information, helping to keep sensitive data secure.

"Pricing also made Issuetrak very attractive," says Quattlebaum. The software's price made it stand out among competitors as a solution that wouldn't break the bank. With plenty of configuration options, an easy-to-use interface, and a price that couldn't be beat, Issuetrak became SPP's perfect customer service and workflow management solution.

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