Avoid SharePoint Challenges by Using Issuetrak


Last week, we talked about some of the challenges using SharePoint for your issue tracking needs. There were three main areas where software may be better than using SharePoint: cost and availability, setup, and sources of information.

Issuetrak has a 20-year record of helping companies like yours set up a solution to handle all your issue tracking, customer support, and workflow management needs. Let’s take a look at ways that Issuetrak expertly handles items that challenge SharePoint.

Cost and Availability

If you don’t have SharePoint readily available as part of your Microsoft suite, there are extra costs involved. Not to mention that if you’re not in IT, you have to get someone to grant access to the SharePoint server or administration sections.  


Issuetrak has options to run either in the cloud or on your own servers. With flexible pricing options, you only pay for the number of users you need, and only for the extras that match your requirements. Our team of specialists will work with you to determine exactly how much you need and will work up an individualized quote, so you’re not paying for what you won’t use. We’re cool like that.

Simple Setup

Think you have to be a programmer to get a good issue tracking system? With SharePoint you had to at least know SharePoint designer and be a SharePoint administrator. Getting the proper permissions and knowledge can be time-consuming and overwhelming, especially if you’re not in IT.


An Issuetrak cloud site can be up and running quickly, with a minimum of input. If you’re in IT and choose to install Issuetrak on your own servers, it’s a fast process, and our Support team is more than willing to give you a hand and answer any questions you have.

With Issuetrak, any user can be made an administrator. Because there’s no programming involved, configuration is a series of checkboxes and fill-in-the-blank options. Still sound overwhelming? Issuetrak’s Professional Services team will walk you through the setup step by step. They break it down using terms you’re familiar with and make their examples as relevant to your industry and usage as possible.  

Single Source of Information

List apps. Web parts. SharePoint designer. Do these things strike fear into your heart? Maybe you’re already having items fall through the cracks from being stored in multiple places. Tired of being asked where something is or when it’s going to be completed?


Issuetrak keeps everything in one place. On every issue, you can see the full workflow, assignment history, status, and more. With the dashboard, you can easily see everything that’s open, who has it, and where it is in its lifecycle. Built in reports give you instant overviews, and the ability to customize your own reports lets you see the information you need, when you need it. You can even schedule reports to be sent via email on a set schedule so all the right people stay in the know!

If you’re ready to see how easy it can be to use issue tracking software without the challenges of using SharePoint, talk to one of our product experts today and see how Issuetrak can work for you!

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