Adding Departments to Your Issuetrak Site


Customers who begin with one Issuetrak site often expand Issuetrak into other departments within their company at some point. If other departments want to experience the benefits that you’re already enjoying, it’s time to expand Issuetrak in your organization. A successful expansion will involve setting up a new site or possibly sharing your existing site.

Either way, we can get you started! Configuration is flexible and easy using the administration pages, and our Professional Services team will happily assist you. How do you determine whether starting a new site or sharing your existing site is the best?

Implementing an additional site will allow you to keep information and users completely separate. However, adding new user defined fields, issue types, and tweaking a few permissions in your existing site may be all you need to fulfill the needs of an additional department.

One Site or Multiple?

Reasons to use one site include:

  • Processes and workflows for all departments stored and managed in one place
  • Users only have to remember one website and login
  • Agents covering multiple areas have one place to track their work
  • Management gets a view into everything at once
  • Fewer software packages to learn and manage

Reasons to use multiple sites:

  • Keep highly confidential issues, such as Human Resources, private
  • Keep user base completely separate
  • Keep Administrators from seeing unnecessary issues
  • Avoid sharing system-wide dropdowns, like substatus

Making it Happen

For users who can see any issue, you can use certain features to help keep things separate:

  • Departments can be limited to hide issues and users
  • Class can be tied to issues, allowing filtering on the Dashboard and reports
  • Issues can be assigned to Groups to create work silos
  • Quick Picks and Issue Types can be restricted to allow submission only by select Groups


Any—or even all—of the following groups can easily share one site:

  • Information Technology
  • Facility Maintenance
  • Accounting/Finance
  • Office Management/Operations
  • Marketing
  • Purchasing
  • Customer Service and Support
  • Quality Control/Assurance
  • Engineering
  • Complaint Management

Your account manager can help you carefully plan and execute your expansion, including identifying the needs of each department. We have additional questions to consider, and offer consulting and configuration assistance through Issuetrak’s Professional Services team. To get started expanding Issuetrak into other departments in your company, contact your account manager or email us at today.

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