6 Ways Issuetrak Can Boost Your Team’s Productivity

As a society, we strive to be as productive as possible -- but the shortest path to optimum efficiency isn’t always clear. People thrive in different working environments and productivity “tricks” are rarely one-size-fits-all, complicating efforts to increase focus and improve output at work.

Despite these challenges, every workplace can benefit from an efficient software solution. Issuetrak takes workflow management to the next level with a suite of features made specifically to help you get the job done. By eliminating some of the common barriers to productivity, Issuetrak sets you on the path toward success every time.

Want to know exactly how Issuetrak can improve your team’s productivity and get you moving from point A to point B faster? Check out these seven examples:

1. Communicate More Quickly

Speedy, clear communication plays an important role in facilitating workplace productivity. The longer it takes for your team members to exchange information, the longer it can take to kick off processes, assign tasks, and bring projects closer to completion. Establishing a method for quick and effective communication is especially crucial at large organizations where every coworker may not be within earshot.

With the help of Issuetrak, communication becomes far faster and more precise. Email alerts instantly notify team members when a relevant issue is updated or when their help is needed on a project, removing the need to manually inform them. And asking questions or providing additional information becomes easy when comments and notes can be added directly to the issues they’re referencing.

2. Streamline Issue Submission

Submitting issues or tickets may be necessary, but the process can take up precious time, especially if the submission form is long or unclear. Issuetrak speeds things up with Issue Templates: submission templates you can pre-customize for frequently used issues. Whether you’re submitting a weekly report or filling out an incident form, Issue Templates (formerly called Quick Picks) can make the process more efficient by allowing users to pre-fill information at the click of a button -- saving you time and effort in the process.

Issuetrak also allows users to submit issues however and wherever they need to with omnichannel submission. No need to wait until you’re back at your desk to submit a problem that needs attention now; with Issuetrak, you can submit on your phone, via email, through a webform, or on the Issuetrak site.

3. Track Productivity

One important method for improving productivity in the workplace is to track progress over time. Data shows us what works and what doesn’t and can pinpoint important trends over time that may be imperceptible in the day-to-day. Issuetrak’s reports can track open and closed issues and monitor the speed at which they get resolved. An intuitive dashboard displays charts and graphs to better visualize the information -- use these tools to help your team plan a trajectory for the future.

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4. Build Checklists and Assign Tasks

A well-made task list helps teams stay organized and on task, leading to greater efficiency and higher productivity overall. Issuetrak’s Task Manager allows you to set up task lists on issues, outlining precisely what needs to happen when (and by whom), and notifying team members every time a step gets completed. Task assignment lets each employee know exactly what they have to do at the moment they need to do it. You can even set up branching workflows that differ based on whether certain conditions have been met (such as marking yes, no, or N/A).

5. Centralize Information

Finding the right piece of information can be a chore. You’ll waste precious time digging through files and folders to locate that one elusive document you need, even if you keep your documents thoroughly organized.

Issuetrak helps you keep important information exactly where you need it. Attach documents, pictures, and other files to issues to keep them close and easily accessible. For documents you know you’ll need repeatedly, utilize Issuetrak’s built-in Knowledge Base: a searchable repository of documents and files that you can curate to fit your team’s needs. Upload information that your team will appreciate having within arm’s reach and cut down on time spent scouring your drive.

6. Automate Processes

Implementing automation boosts productivity and eliminates the need to complete certain repetitive tasks, enabling employees to focus their attention elsewhere. Issuetrak’s Automation features (formerly called Business Rules) allow for three distinct methods of automation: Auto Assignment, Workflows (formerly called Escalation Rules), and Substatus Rules. Through these features, users can automatically assign issues to the right people upon submission, automatically escalate issues when they sit idle for too long, and automatically update the substatus of an issue after certain conditions are met.

Scheduled issues (formerly called Recurring Issues) can also be set to recur at a regular interval, removing the need to input certain issues that will always occur at a certain time (such as routine maintenance or monthly assessments).

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