15.9 Release: Organization Fields, Report Writer, Test Site Deployment

Along with a host of other squashed bugs that are too small for us to pester you with, read how our developers are delivering you better access to org data when submitting issues, updated reports, and faster upgrade speeds with Issuetrak 15.9.

Changes to Issue Forms: Organization Fields

See the organization data you need instantly with the visibility changes we’ve made to issue forms. 

Have you ever started an issue submission and realized, while working on it, that you need more information?

So you go through clicking on the organization, scrolling through the pop-up window—taking the extra steps just to see an organization field?

The hunt is over. With 15.9, you can now add organization fields and organization UDFs (user-defined fields) to issue forms, giving you an at-a-glance views of the basic fields you need to see, like address, city, IEM domain, and more. Once the organization is selected on the issue form, any org fields on the issue form will populate immediately.

Updates to Report Writer: You Spoke, We Listened

In direct response to customer calls we received from our 15.7 release, we've added a bit of polish to Report Writer. 15.9 makes it easier to differentiate between running a report with formatting versus running a report to get data results.

View a concise report the way you always have, or don’t miss a beat with a highly detailed one—the option is yours. For a speedier, optimized report, click the “Run” button. For a report you can organize with sorting and grouping, click our newly added “Run with Formatting” button. 

Either way, you can read the data you need the way you want it displayed.

Now that you can run and export reports free of sorting or grouping, it makes them perfect for exporting and analyzing with tools like Excel and Power BI.

If you have suggestions for other improvements, leave us a Capterra review. We’re always listening to see what you, our customers, want next! 

Big Changes for Deployment Tool: Test Sites and Upgrade Speed

Test Site Deployment

We’ve never formally offered test site deployment to our premise customers via Issuetrak deployment tools—until today. 

Test site deployment requires test sites to have their own fully qualified license for the first time. This means you’ll need a test site key. Simply contact Support to get a site ID and test site key today. 

Cloud customers, as always, can sit back and relax. We’ll handle the keys for you.

Fast Upgrades

Our development team has made great strides in reducing the time needed to deploy an upgrade. Installing a test version of your site allows you to get a front-row seat to the increased upgrade speed while trying out new configurations and features.

Over the course of future releases, you’ll start seeing significantly faster upgrade speeds, saving you time, making releases easier for you, and helping you spend less downtime with every improvement and bug fix our releases address.

Note that this reduced upgrade time applies to Versions 15.9 and beyond. Versions 15.8 and prior do not qualify for this new feature of faster upgrade speeds.

That’s all for now! As always, check in with our Product Roadmap to learn more about your journey with Issuetrak.

See our Product Roadmap

Say goodbye to redundant submission checks and manual changes. Try your on-premise 1-click creation test site. Want help from Support with your test site key? Get help from Support.

Want to know more about 15.9? Read the Release Notes.  

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