15.10 Release: Knowledge Base Updates

15.10 spotlights a major refresh to the Knowledge Base user interface and experience PLUS two new Knowledge Base features. You can expect:

  • Faster performance and a new look featuring a card-based layout
  • Reorganized fields, restructured user-friendly tables, and a streamlined Quick Search
  • Organized Knowledge Base articles presenting the most important information first, plus a few new added perks:
    • A 1-click archive action
    • Subscriptions to different Knowledge Base articles

Our interface and the customer’s user experience is always our main focus. An appealing card-based layout, plus restructured fields and tables, make Issuetrak more user-friendly.

Aside from aesthetics and speed, let us dive into the biggest highlights our Knowledge Base now features to make finding information faster. 

One-click Archive Button

Per customer request, we’ve instated a one-click-to-archive function for users who can edit Knowledge Base articles. 

By clicking archive, you’ll automatically mark the article as “Private”, meanwhile relabeling it so that it now reads “Archive” in front of its title. In addition, this one-click archive process also moves this article to an automatically created “Archive” category.

Knowledge Base Article Subscriptions

Also, per customer request, 15.10 offers an article subscription. You may now subscribe to receive email updates about any Knowledge Base article. Whenever we update the information, steps, or data in your subscribed article(s), you’ll immediately receive notice of those changes. Just click the link in your email notification to view an article’s updates.

To find the articles you wish to subscribe to, just search the article of interest in our all-in-one search bar to narrow down any that mention your search terms. 

As always, check in with our Product Roadmap to learn more about your journey with Issuetrak.

If you’d like to know more about 15.10, read the Release Notes here or get help from Support.

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