Shine a light on your issues –whatever they are– from start to finish with Issuetrak. Automate issue assignment and speed up resolution time.

track issues from start to finish

More Efficient Recurring Issues

Set up fixed schedule submission for routine inspection or maintenance requests—assign, track, complete, report.

Handle it all with Auto Assignment

Assign issues based on predefined criteria to help minimize issue queue backlogs.

Connect Your Issues

Allow users to submit issues for the same problem and link multiple issues for cascading updates (or not), edits, and closings.

Stay on Top of Escalations

Automatically escalate open or idle issues, add predefined or private notes, send notifications, and close abandoned issues.

See Everything in Issue Audits

Track issue changes at field level, confirm changes are valid and reportable, access old values, and know who completed changes and when.

Safely Stored and Archived

Save issue audits for compliance and legal purposes. View archives by searching change history and access CSV records on the server.

Solve your issues in one worry-free place.

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issuetrak in action

community first hospital

Community First Hospital serves patients in the local community. They use Issuetrak for all their internal operations, including patient complaint tracking and hospital incident management. Every department can submit or be assigned issues, including Human Resources, Facilities/Building Maintenance, Patient Services, and Accounting. The Administrative team even uses the system to respond to patient and visitor emails and questions.

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