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Communication Takes Center Stage

No more lost complaints, buried compliments or scrambling to find who said what last. Keep all customer correspondence in one spot.

Make Them Feel Heard

Customers can voice concerns via email, mobile device, or web portal and stay looped on updates and resolutions.

Business Rules to Rule It All

Quickly route issues to the right team and ditch the guesswork and inconsistencies by customizing and automating how you respond and resolve issues.

Get Attached

Add supporting data for issues, knowledge base articles, projects, organizations, and users with no file type or quantity limits.

You’ve Got Mail

Incoming Email streamlines how you create, submit, and update issues across your organization and can be used with any mobile device.

A System to Handle Your System

Automatically convert emails into support requests, determine issue type and assignee, and add notes from responses and system-generated emails.

Always in the Know

Built-in notifications tell you whenever users interact with issues and email you a solution when an issue is closed.

Help Users Help Themselves

Empower users to resolve issues quickly, efficiently, and independently with a searchable Knowledge Base of FAQs, common resolutions, policies and procedures, and product/service info.

Solve your issues in one worry-free place.

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smith windows

Smith Windows uses Issuetrak to handle customer support requests from the companies that purchase the line of windows they manufacture. Customers submit concerns about bad materials, questions about performance, or inquiries about warranties for return/replacement. Customers contact Smith Windows by email or calling a CSR.

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