It’s nice to meet you!

At Issuetrak, we work hard for our customers. Our mission is to use company-wide talent and an innovative spirit to deliver awesome issue-tracking software and support.​

It’s nice to meet you!

At Issuetrak, we work hard for our customers. Our mission is to use company-wide talent and an innovative spirit to deliver awesome issue-tracking software and support.​

We love what we do

Issuetrak is a fast-paced, agile software company based in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia. We’ve got a 25-year track record of successfully developing issue-tracking and process management software for companies of all sizes. Innovation and data are just two ingredients that fuel our drive to develop a next generation product. We are a customer-centric company with a dedicated vision of creating the most robust and versatile software solution for our clients. And we aren’t afraid to take risks to make this happen.

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Meet our team

Hank Luhring CEO Head-shot

Hank Luhring

Hank has served many roles at Issuetrak since founding the company. He holds a degree from Old Dominion University and has been programming since the 70s. In 1992, Hank started Virginia-based Luhring & Associates, a custom software development company that later became Issuetrak after the successful launch of a web-based app for submitting support requests online. His continuing passion for a customer-focused and data-driven company continues to inspire us all! Hank retired from his position as CEO in March 2020 but continues to provide guidance as the company's founder.

Dan Flowers VP of DevOps Head-shot

Dan Flowers

Dan joined Issuetrak in 2012, bringing over 15 years of combined IT and management experience to his role. Prior to becoming the CEO, he oversaw the technical support and Cloud services team as well as the development team, leading with an emphasis on excellent customer service, quality performance, and the highest level of infrastructure security. Dan holds numerous system, vendor, and Microsoft certifications, and currently serves as the Vice President of Content Relations for the Southern Virginia HDI chapter. Outside of Issuetrak, Dan enjoys hitting the links, and spending time with his family.

Taylor Ross Director of Operations Head-shot

Taylor Ross

Taylor joined Issuetrak in 2013 as a staff accountant with a background in both accounting and sales. She has an accounting degree from Christopher Newport University and a passion for numbers, problem-solving, and processes. She also studied psychology, so we know who to go to when things get crazy! In her free time, Taylor enjoys spending time with her two kids, kayaking on the river, and playing softball.

Rusty Luhring CFO Head-shot

Rusty Luhring

Rusty started doing financial analysis and forecasting since the first financial modeling packages came on the market in the late 70s. He has a background in development and sales and has his own financial software for businesses called Survivalware. He has a passion for financial modeling, problem-solving, helping others succeed in business, and cycling. He’s been “car-free” for 5 years and has logged over 30,000 miles riding his bicycle during this time! He recently reached his goal of cycling 1,000 miles in one month. Way to go, Rusty!

Alex Goolie Manager of TechOps Head-shot

Alex Goolie

Alex joined Issuetrak in 2014 as a Technical Support Analyst. Born in Russia, she moved to Virginia Beach in 2006 after studying both English and Public Relations. Growing up, her mom was a database administrator, so Alex continued her studies in Information Technology at TCC. She brings a background in customer and technical support and a passion for exercise, including cycling, kayaking, running, and swimming. She and her husband organize non-profit demonstrations of solar energy and are also involved in local green energy groups, wanting to leave the planet better than they found it.

Jon RIvera Headshot

Jon Rivera

Jon joined the Issuetrak family in 2016 as the Technical Writer, where he oversaw the launch of our Issuetrak Help Center. He worked closely with development and support to maintain and update our product documentation. In his current role, Jon utilizes his past experience to maintain and improve our digital presence as well as to oversee the continuous improvement of our product. He holds a degree in Business Administration with an emphasis in Management from Strayer University. Jon enjoys spending time with his wife and daughter, and indulging his geeky side through all things video games and Star Wars.


Lisa Cockrell

When we think of development at Issuetrak, Lisa immediately pops to mind. She’s been with the company since 2004, and has held many positions over the years, always in the development department. She studied psychology and computer science from Old Dominion University. Lisa enjoys paddle boarding, and spending time with her husband and two dogs, exploring the great outdoors in their Colorado backyard.

Noel Lucas Director of IT Head-shot

Noel Lucas

Noel rejoined Issuetrak in 2016, after being away for three years. With over 15 years experience in IT and project management. He’s able to quickly assess the situation and resolve any problem. He started in technology as a youngster, getting his CompTIA A+ certification while still in high school, then got his degree from ECPI. With an appreciation for customer service, and support that has carried over his entire career, he continues to learn, and loves working with new technology.

Like the industry, our vision is ever-evolving

Know Thyself

Issuetrak will strive to know more about itself, its potential, and its resources. We’ll accomplish this through data-driven discussions and decisions, and by setting an expectation for employee and departmental accountability. Most importantly, we’ll leverage and encourage employee interests and strengths to create a culture of company-wide innovation.

The Ultimate Product

Issuetrak will create the best product possible for its customers. We’ll do this by continuing to build strong customer relationships and by understanding the evolving issue-tracking challenges and needs of our customers. Our company will take innovative leaps for the betterment of our partners. This means taking risks and occasionally missing the mark to eventually get it right.

Company values



We look at ways to make big improvements, in our product and everyday processes. We aren’t afraid to make mistakes. We’re open to ideas from our colleagues and give them support and encouragement.



We are focused on getting things done. We don’t sit back. We keep moving forward.



We are good at what we do. We strive to do things right the first time. We value knowledge from all sources and use it to enhance our strengths and overcome our weaknesses.



We understand that none of us has all the answers. We acknowledge our humanness and the humanness of others. We celebrate the wins, no matter whose ideas they are.



Our ultimate success depends on our ability to collaborate with colleagues and customers in a way that builds exceptional results.



Our vision of success includes treating all individuals with dignity. We recognize that our colleagues and customers have valuable contributions to make.



Our ability to help customers succeed is based on strong professional and personal relationships. We listen to, appreciate, and are responsive to our colleagues and customers.



Our actions are guided by fairness and integrity. We follow through and strive to do what is right.



If we make a commitment, we do our best to follow through. If we make a mistake, we own it, address it, and move forward.

We're hiring!

If Issuetrak sounds like the kind of place you’d like to work, let us know! Even if we don’t have a position currently listed, we’re always interested in meeting and talking with passionate and creative people. You can contact us at [email protected].

Technical Support Analyst

We’re on the lookout for someone with an enthusiastic personality and superb customer service skills who can provide exceptional technical assistance to our current and prospective customers. This will be a hybrid remote/office position located in Norfolk, VA, with flexible scheduling available. Apply for the same job our now-CEO held as his first role at Issuetrak!