Issuetrak for Complaint Management

Restore customer satisfaction with software that allows you to remain transparent, organized, and timely throughout the resolution process.


Trusted by customers you know


Everyone has an opinion - use that to your advantage. 

Regardless of industry, customers won't hesitate to share how they feel. Whether offering a compliment or critique, Issuetrak understands that each piece of customer feedback represents an opportunity. We've seen firsthand how our complaint management software features can turn frowns into smiles.

The features you need at prices worth praising.

With plans starting as low as $26 per agent and all features available at every tier, there's nothing keeping you from turning complaints into compliments.

Omnichannel feedback

Make the complaint submission process as simple as it should be by allowing customers to send emails, fill out webforms, and chat with support agents.

Custom forms and fields

Build complaint forms that are specific to the type of feedback being submitted, ensuring you get only the information you need. 

Task Manager

Create checklists and branching workflows for step-by-step processes, notifying each person involved when it's their turn to act.

Automation Tools

Streamline the complaint resolution process by escalating tickets automatically.


Let employees or customers know when complaints receive updates, keeping everyone in the process informed.


Dashboard reports give you a snapshot of open complaints by type, assignment, priority, and more. Quickly view trends for closed complaints over multiple timeframes.


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Win with webforms and surveys.

Issuetrak webforms can be custom or standard, but either way, they're fully integrated with our software. They provide an intuitive way for individuals to submit their issues and an efficient way for your team to gather information and begin working on a solution.

  • Receive all the required information you need
  • Public-facing for fast, easy submission and no login required
  • Branded to match your business

Meanwhile, Issuetrak’s Surveys module provides a powerful means of following up with your customers post resolution. Everything on our surveys is customizable, from the color of the progress bar to how you divide your questions across pages. 

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Flexible complaint management software that spans industries.



Track complaints and requests from citizens, consumers, visitors, and employees.

road complaints · code violations · education concerns · housing issues · complaints against employees


Manage complaints and incidents to ensure safety and compliance.

room condition complaints · incident reporting · safety concerns · complaints against staff · facilities, maintenance + equipment concerns


Stay on top of regulatory requirements for managing complaints and CFPB compliance.

mortgages · credit cards + credit reporting · bank accounts + services · private student loans · debt collection · consumer loans + more

Discover software you won't complain about.