you need more than a one-size-fits-all application.

We know that no two customers are alike, which is why no two businesses should be forced to use processes that don’t fit. Issuetrak can be customized to accommodate just how special you are. From forms to templates to fields, Issuetrak let’s you customize a wide range of software features.

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Make sense of your data.



Get up-to-the-minute stats on your open issues with Dashboard.

Summary Reports

Run Summary Reports built right into the system.

Scheduled Reports

Use Scheduled Reports to automate report delivery to any user or email address.

Issue Search

Use flexible search terms to find data, and view results through various output formats.

Saved Searches

Use Saved Searches to quickly retrieve stored search criteria.

Report Wizard

Build your own queries and customized reports with our Report Wizard.

custom forms

Stop Feeling Boxed In.

custom forms

Frustrated by templates that can’t be configured? Recreating the same form over and over? Speed up your processes by customizing routinely used forms. Create a customized form for administration-related issues that includes a Project field, or one for operations-related issues that includes the Required By Date and Labor Hours fields, to name just two ways of using Custom Forms!

  • Customize forms to include all issues or specific issue types.
  • Add or remove fields, and change their order.
  • Easily customized headers and page messages.
  • Set user permissions to allow or restrict which fields an individual can view and/or select.
multi-colored folders

We thought we’d make life easier for you.


Our Quick Picks feature allows you to customize templates based on your common issues. Save time with templates that are easy to fill out and submit, and guarantee more accurate issue information with pre-filled fields.

  • Pre-define information and values related to a particular issue, such as Subject, Description, Issue Type, Subtype, Priority, Email Distribution List, Attachments, etc. You can also pre-determine workflow elements, such as to whom issues are assigned and which tasks are associated.
  • Improve the accuracy and consistency of issues regularly submitted. Although users can change or add information to a Quick Picks, the template ensures that the same or similar values and processes of an issue stay in place.
  • Turn any routinely submitted issue—change requests, maintenance requests, HR actions, computer or printer problems, etc—into a Quick Pick. There’s no limit to how many Quick Picks you create, and you have total control over which people and teams can access which Quick Picks.
eyedropper selecting fields

The Sky’s the Limit, Baby!

user-defined fields

Capture more than what the default fields allow with an unlimited number of User-defined Fields! Create text, drop down, date, number, and even yes/no fields with your own customized labels to include on your issues. Once included, you can search and report on them, just like any other built-in field.

workflow conveyor belt

Don’t force a process that doesn’t work for you.

workflow / task management

Get ready to streamline all your everyday processes. With the Workflow and Task Management feature, you define your unique processes, customized for change management, user onboarding, or any other routine multi-step process. Set up simple checklists, as well as complex branching workflows. And, assign tasks to any individual or team and send alerts letting them know when their steps are ready. Automate and track workflows across your entire organization.

For once, advanced doesn’t mean complicated.

advanced configuration

Issuetrak supports multiple applications in the same system, which means you can manage your HR processes, facilities and maintenance requests, help desk, and much more—all in the same place. You can run applications separately or configure systems across departments. You can also configure user permissions to control what access certain individuals, teams, and departments have. This means your staff will only need to access one application instead of multiple sites!


Departments can be used to control visibility. For example, Facilities Department users can be locked down to only see issues associated to other members of the Facilities Department.


Locations can be associated with a User and identify where that issue resides. For example, an issue submitted by a user at a satellite office will reflect a location value of Satellite Office automatically if that’s the default. If the same user submits a new issue from a different location (e.g., Home office), the issue location can be changed accordingly.


Groups allow you to organize and manage multiple people, and grant permissions. A user inherits the permissions from every group they belong to. A group can also be used to assign or task an issue to more than one person, set up extra email notifications, or set drop-down value restrictions on certain fields.


Classes let you categorize and group data in a variety of ways. This is very helpful for reports, especially as a way to filter Dashboard views. Classes can also be used to allow an issue to move from one group to another.

user permissions

Our advanced User Permissions give you control over how much users—customers, vendors, and/or employees—can see and do. For example, determine which users can send email without logging in versus which users never need to login. Give users permission to change their passwords—or not. You can allow select users to access only certain issue types, and you can decide which users can search your Knowledge Base. Grant permissions to let users change priorities or close their own issues. Let them see only their own issues, or grant managers the ability to view everything. Hide private notes on issues and control access to pre-built reports. However you want to configure it—there’s a permission for that.

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