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A lot of what you do is routine. You shouldn’t have to start the process over every single time. ​With tons of automation options available, Issuetrak helps you get all your workflow ducks in a streamlined row. Save time, get organized, and be accurate with all your day-to-day operations.

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You’ve got mail.

alerts + notifications

Submit and update issues and requests directly into Issuetrak with a simple email. Built-in email notifications alert you whenever users interact with issues, such as adding notes. When an issue is closed, you’ll get an email with the solution. Incoming Email streamlines how you create, submit, and update issues across your entire organization and can be used with any mobile device.

  • Read email messages from POP3 or Exchange.
  • Automatically convert emails into issues and support requests.
  • Notify users that their requests have been received and assigned.
  • Automatically determine issue type and the proper assignee.
  • Automatically add notes to issues from responses to system-generated emails.
  • Customize outbound emails and much more!
workflow conveyor belt

Don’t force a process that doesn’t work for you.

workflow / task management

Get ready to streamline all your everyday processes. With the Workflow and Task Management feature, you define your unique processes, customized for change management, user onboarding, or any other routine multi-step process. Set up simple checklists, as well as complex branching workflows. And, assign tasks to any individual or team and send alerts letting them know when their steps are ready. Automate and track workflows across your entire organization.

custom forms

Stop Feeling Boxed In.

custom forms

Frustrated by templates that can’t be configured? Recreating the same form over and over? Speed up your processes by customizing routinely used forms. Create a customized form for administration-related issues that includes a Project field, or one for operations-related issues that includes the Required By Date and Labor Hours fields, to name just two ways of using Custom Forms!

  • Customize forms to include all issues or specific issue types.
  • Add or remove fields, and change their order.
  • Easily customized headers and page messages.
  • Set user permissions to allow or restrict which fields an individual can view and/or select.

No issue too complex. No issue left behind.

issue submissions

Enjoy quick and easy web-based issue/request submission directly through your site. Users go to your specific site and see only the information you want them to see. Allow users to also search your Knowledge Base to do their own troubleshooting. Brand your site with your logo and messaging to keep a consistent image for your customers.

scheduled / recurring issues

Improve efficiency for repeating inspection or maintenance requests by automating the process. Set up fixed schedule submission for routine issues—assign, track, complete, report.

auto assignment

Assign issues based on predefined criteria to help minimize issue queue backlogs.

global issues

Connect your issues! Allow multiple users to submit issues for the same problem, and link multiple issues for cascading updates, edits, and closings. Link similar issues without a cascading update, and submit linked issues based on user or organizational criteria.


Automatically escalate issues that have been open or idle for too long. Change field values, add predefined or private notes, send email notifications, and close abandoned issues. Stay on top of your issues before they escalate above you!

issue auditing

  • Track changes to issues at the field level.
  • Ensure changes made are valid and reportable.
  • Access old values and changed values.
  • Get information on who completed the change and when.
  • Archive and store issue audits for compliance and legal purposes.
  • Access archives by searching or viewing the change history.
  • Access CSV files of archived records stored on the web server.

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