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Do more with Issuetrak add-ons including Active Directory, Asset Management, Billing, and Surveys. These individually-packaged modules give you more flexibility and power, and are designed to extend the functionality of Issuetrak based on the needs of your business.

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Already running Microsoft Active Directory?

active directory

We make it easy for you to manage your Issuetrak users within your already existing Active Directory. With our Active Directory integration module, you can create, authenticate, and update users from one place.

Simplify User Administration

  • Significantly reduce implementation time by allowing Issuetrak to interact with your existing Active Directory to authenticate internal users accessing Issuetrak.
  • No need to load user information into Issuetrak—our Active Directory integration module accesses the user data right out of your Active Directory.
  • Decrease on-going administration time by allowing changes in your Active Directory to automatically populate your Issuetrak user records.
  • Minimize the number of password-reset requests and speed user adoption by enabling Issuetrak’s Single Sign-On and Self-Service Password Reset capabilities.
Features + Capabilities

  • Allows your users to login to Issuetrak using their network username and password.
  • Automatically creates and updates Issuetrak user records without human intervention.
  • Automatically assigns user permissions when users are authenticated.
  • Integrates Issuetrak with one or multiple servers and domain directory environments.
  • Supports both Active Directory and non-Active Directory users simultaneously.
  • Compatible with Secure Socket Layer (SSL) connections.
  • Create scheduled and on-demand user imports.

optional features

  • Single Sign-On – Users who are logged in to your network can access Issuetrak without providing login credentials. These will be read by Issuetrak from their network login.
  • Active Directory Password Reset – Allow specific personnel to reset other users’ Active Directory passwords, or allow all of your users to reset their own passwords.
  • Common Access Card (CAC) + Smart Card Integration – Issuetrak’s Active Directory Integration Module allows for CAC and smart card integration.

Microsoft Active Directory provides a single point of management for Windows-based user accounts, clients, servers, and applications. Active Directory acts as the central authority for network security, as well as an integration point for bringing systems together. It lets organizations apply standardized business rules to distributed applications and network resources without requiring administrators to maintain a variety of specialized directories. Active Directory also helps organizations integrate systems not using Windows with Windows-based applications and devices and extend systems securely to the Internet. By making the Windows network operating system more manageable, secure, and interoperable, Active Directory increases the value of an organization’s existing network investment and lowers the overall costs of computing.

computer screen with checked items

Track any important company asset.

asset management

Track PC inventory, manage hardware and software, and maintain compliance. Link assets to users and issues for more efficient reporting and resolution. Easily locate and identify trends with search capabilities, and retrieve a wide range of asset information with built-in reports.

By the way, did you know that Asset Management is for more than PCs? As the business landscape becomes increasingly complex, so does your need to manage both your PC and non-PC assets. Issuetrak’s Asset Management Module provides you with all the information you need in one central location.

Benefits of Well-Managed Assets

  • Maintain accurate records on purchases, warranties, and leases.
  • Improve operational efficiency by reducing negative impact as problems arise.
  • Identify trends related to equipment failures.
  • Reduce costs by accurately budgeting for initiatives.
  • Adapt to technological changes by ensuring you have the proper equipment to meet new requirements.
  • Ensure compliance and avoid lapses in maintenance or leases by staying on top of renewal dates.


Reporting Options

  • Audited PCs by processor type or operating system.
  • Asset counts by issue, manufacturer, or vendor.
  • Asset lease, maintenance, or warranty expiration.
  • Software licensing report.
  • Custom reports with Issuetrak’s Report Wizard.

Features + Capabilities

  • Capture detailed hardware and software information.
  • Associate Assets to Issues.
  • Schedule recurring PC asset audits or audit on-demand.
  • Track software purchases and manage licenses.
  • Track ownership using a variety of options.
  • Work with loaner assets using check-in and checkout options.
  • Add time-stamped notes to items.
  • Create parent/child relationships between assets.


Auditing with TrakPC

Issuetrak has its own audit program, TrakPC, which returns specific information about PC hardware and software by scanning the system registry and BIOS information. The data is transferred into Issuetrak and created or matched on six weighted values.

stackable file shelves

Manage products, services, work orders + invoices.


Create work orders and invoices directly in Issuetrak or export them to another program. Input your products and services, associate line items for time or materials to issues, and update your company records with the appropriate billing information. You can even personalize the invoice template to meet your company’s needs.

Features + Capabilities

  • Add and/or edit line items for an issue on one screen. Easily adjust item rates and insert comments for each line item.
  • Apply labor time to your customer’s service contracts while adding and editing line items.
  • Create printable work orders for customers to authorize work.
  • Line items in customer issues can be easily used to generate customer invoices.
  • Grant users permission to enter line items and create invoices and work orders. Administrative rights to the Billing Module can also be granted to a user or group.
  • Products and service records include three optional, User-defined text fields with checkboxes to indicate whether an item is taxable and/or billable. Items can also have protected rates, not visible to non-administrative users, and be marked inactive.
  • Add a billing reference code and default sales tax rate to each customer record.
  • Line items can be exported to a CSV file and viewed at any time, or imported into an alternate billing system.
four and a half star rating

Get the feedback you need to do better.


Generate online surveys, send them to a target audience, and collect and analyze your results. By deploying an online survey when an issue is resolved, you’ll easily be able to measure how good your service is. Web surveys are created using a simple interface through your web browser, with no knowledge of HTML or other technologies required. Target employees, suppliers, current customers, prospective customers, or any other audience. Send surveys to anyone at any time, regardless of user status. Best of all, you can access this critical information immediately to make more informed decisions for your organization.

Features + Capabilities

  • Choose from 21 different question types, including the most basic and more complex questions such as matrix, ranking, and constant sum questions.
  • Advanced reporting including summary reports, individual results, list of respondents, report filtering, data export, and more.
  • Export data from any survey to a CSV or Excel file. Includes dozens of options for exporting additional data.
  • Use powerful page condition logic to display any page in a survey based on responses to questions on previous pages.
  • Use survey templates to create your own custom look and feel for any survey.
  • Invite users to take surveys via customized email invitations, track responses, view message history, and send follow-up emails.
  • A robust administrative console is provided for managing surveys.
  • Customizable look and feel to match your organization’s brand image.
  • Filter report results based on date ranges, answers, and user information.
  • Graphical reporting with bar graphs.
  • Ability to filter reports to display entire survey, a single page, or a single question.
  • Ability to view individual responses.
  • Option for single or multiple responses per user.

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