happy tenants and beautiful properties begin with streamlined property management. retirement community, luxury apartment complex, homeowners association? we’ve got you covered.

  • Maintenance requests & work orders
  • Complaint management
  • Personnel issues & human resources
  • Property openings & closings tracking
  • Tenant & information requests
  • Asset management
  • Facility work orders

All in one worry-free place with Issuetrak.

how our customers are using issuetrak

nationwide retirement community proactively resolves issues

One nationwide group of retirement communities uses Issuetrak to document personnel-related issues. Each community has an Issuetrak site that managers use to enter human resource issues including housekeeping, laundry, meals, emergency response, and security. This process allows the company to resolve problems and identify recurring issues that need to be addressed so that residents are not negatively affected.

homeowners association management company improves response to employees

Issuetrak delivers a customized issue-tracking system to an asset-based homeowners association management company in need of tracking human resource issues. Using Issuetrak, the company documents issues and then addresses every employee question and need—thereby, improving response time and minimizing phone calls.

property manager responds to tenants faster

When tenants need help with their properties, a quick response from property managers can prevent damage and keep tenants happy. To expedite the response time and document issues, a real estate property management firm deployed Issuetrak to manage incoming issues from tenants. Using the Recurring Issues option in Issuetrak, the company has identified problem areas and established an environment of preventive maintenance.

housing network places temporary tenants in furnished apartments

An independent housing network places temporary tenants in furnished apartments throughout North America and Great Britain. To keep track of the client lifecycle, from property openings and information requests to maintenance, the company customized Issuetrak for their unique needs. Additionally, the company tracks the solicitation of bids to tenants from approved providers and their responses. End-to-end support for all tenant issues expedites service delivery.

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