5 Ways To Customize Your Issuetrak Site This Holiday Season

Liz Cook
Written by: Liz Cook

Get your colleagues in the holiday spirit! Spruce up your Issuetrak site with fall cheer and seasonal icons.

Want fall leaves or snowflakes to flutter across your screen? Our Traktip video with Professional Services team member Patrick walks you through customizing your site with festive fun. Read on to see additional ways to get your team in the holiday spirit.

Customize Your Site With Festive Cheer

You’ll add tons of fun to your site with these customizable tidbits:

  • site colors and title
  • screen text
  • images
  • logo modifications

1. Customize Your Colors And Site Title. (Don’t Worry, It’s Not Permanent.)

This Thanksgiving, we’re not Issuetrak—we’re TurkeyTrak!


But seriously, bend the rules of your brand’s style guide this season and get playful with color and name puns—you can only get away with it at this time of year!

Take the shade up a notch (or two) on your header bar. Manipulate brand colors to reflect oranges of fall or the evergreen of winter. Make your buttons more lively with a gourd-orange background that blends to black on a hover.

You can even alter the message or name you’d like to feature on your site before and after you log in. AKA: Input your credentials into the fields under “TurkeyTrak” and be greeted on the next page by “A Slice of Sweet Potato Pie With Your Issue?”.

The options are endless. It all just depends—how festive do YOU want to be for the holidays?

2. Modify Your Screen Text.

This is fun because you can alter the text type and text color. But don’t opt for that hard-to-read yellow—that’s not fun for anyone.

3. Add Images Using HTML (No Coder Experience Needed).

It’s as easy as Google. No, really, it’s as simple as a search. Look up an image you enjoy, then plug it next to your name in your site’s top banner. Add the finishing touch with a personalized holiday postcard or staff picture.

Issue Forms in particular—whether customer or employee-facing—are fun to customize. If you use Issuetrak for your in-house IT help desk, plant a pumpkin in the corner of the notes field. Perhaps you use Issuetrak for complaint management with your customers. You can give their Issue Form a touch of pizazz with a sprawl of trick-or-treaters across the page.

4. Change Up Your Logo—You Know You Want To.

Modifying the logo is not only for fun. It can add a layer of branding relevant to your industry, jazzing up your online presence yet adding value to your purpose.

For instance, a foodbank could add a picture of a cornucopia to their name, emphasizing a bounty of food supplies. Schools could decorate their complaint management issue forms with pumpkins. (It just might soften the complainer’s angst—just a bit!). A crystal shop could add a thematically fitting ghost to their logo for an ethereal touch.

5. Closed For The Holidays?

We get it. Valuing your employees’ family time during the holiday season is important. We feel the same! For after-hours workflows, just add a “closed for the holidays” message to your email communications.

Just be sure to publish your message early enough—your workers will want to wrap up any leftover tasks and fully enjoy their days off. Plus, your customers won’t feel sidelined when an email goes unanswered over Thanksgiving. (They should be enjoying the festivities, anyway!)

Where Can I Customize My Site?

You can plant little Easter eggs in various places all over your Issuetrak site, including:

  • the login page
  • the homepage
  • the issue page
  • Issue Forms
Add festive greetings to any of these to brighten every one of your co-worker’s day. If you really love your design and want to recycle it next season, you can keep your seasonal, holiday, or special occasion theme by just pressing save.

Issues may not always be fun, but you can absolutely make them light-hearted with a splash of decor and a little humor.

Want More For Your Custom-Designed Site Theme?

If you want a more thorough guide on customization options with Issuetrak software, read our help center article on how to alter the appearance of your Issuetrak site. You can also contact our support team for more customization features to decorate your site and keep motivation and spirits high for employees and customers this holiday season.

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