A child sitting wearing a mask with a book on her lap

How to Manage Contact Tracing in Schools

School administrators today are facing greater challenges in keeping students safe than ever before. As the Covid-19 pandemic continues and the Delta variant of the virus spreads even among the vaccinated, it’s necessary to manage health data, track test results, and trace infections within school districts to keep children healthy and in the classroom. Contact Read More »

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Person on a laptop with a notebook to the side

Behind the Scenes of the Issuetrak Webinar

Have you attended one of our free Issuetrak webinars? We host a webinar each month guided by our Product Experts, offering training for Issuetrak users on best practices for different features of the product.  These sessions are great opportunities to get free training from our team, learn more about a feature of Issuetrak you’ve been Read More »

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Achieving 100% Customer Satisfaction

Last month, Issuetrak’s Support Team achieved an incredible goal: 100% customer satisfaction! Ever wonder how our team measures customer satisfaction and where these numbers come from? Alex Goolie, Issuetrak’s Director of Technical Operations, explained the process for calculating satisfaction based on responses to our support survey, sent out after every closed support ticket. First, customers Read More »

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plane at the airport with focus on the right wing.

5 Common Customer Complaints in Travel

In 2020, the travel industry slowed down considerably as the Covid-19 pandemic forced frequent travelers to stay home. This summer, travelers have taken to the skies, roads, and tracks once more to make up for lost time and explore. Many travel companies still mandate mask-wearing and social distancing, but for the most part the process Read More »

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Workflow for nonprofits

3 Common Nonprofit Workflow Issues

Do you work for a nonprofit, or is there one that is near and dear to you? If you’ve ever worked or volunteered for a nonprofit, you know that resources are often stretched to accomplish the organization’s mission. This leads to making do with outdated equipment and procedures for the sake of conserving donated dollars. Read More »

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10 Frequently Asked Questions About Issuetrak

Our Product Experts speak with plenty of prospective Issuetrak customers every week, and are always at the ready to answer any questions. We asked our experts to compile a list of the 10 most frequently asked questions they receive from new customers! 1. Do you offer cloud hosting? Yes we do! We offer Issuetrak hosted Read More »

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A New “Happily Ever After” with Issuetrak

Everyone enjoys a fairy tale. But as much as these classic stories are beloved by all, sometimes you can’t help but think about how the events may have changed if the characters had been a bit more organized or efficient. For this Fun Friday, we’ve reimagined three of our favorite fairy tales — with an Read More »

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Why Regular Software Updates Are Important

Software updates can often seem like more of a hassle than they’re worth. If the software works well and you aren’t experiencing any problems, why spend the time and energy necessary to constantly download and upgrade to new versions? Especially when, in many cases, it can seem like the updates are insignificant. As minor as Read More »

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5 Ways to Stay Productive While Working Remotely

When the Coronavirus pandemic began to more seriously impact the United States in mid-March 2020, many businesses mandated that their employees work from home until further notice. Though businesses are now beginning to reopen and many Americans are slowly heading back into the office, a large chunk of the U.S. workforce is still working remotely Read More »

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