Get more done faster with automation

Let Issuetrak handle the details so you can focus on the bigger picture. Automation frees up your team’s time for greater efficiency and faster issue resolution.

Our three most powerful automation tools make it easier than ever to assign, escalate, and update issues as they move towards resolution.

Auto Assignment

Auto Assignment takes the guesswork out of assignment and helps your team get to work without delay. Issuetrak makes sure the issue reaches the right person the minute it’s submitted. (We even have a Round Robin feature!)

Auto Assignment Illustration - Issuetrak Features
Escalations Illustration - Issuetrak Features


Workflows ensure no issue gets left behind (or forgotten). Issues automatically escalate if they sit untouched for too long, or if they meet certain conditions that your team determines.

Substatus Rules

Substatus Rules prevent agents from butting heads and make it easy to notify everyone at a glance when an issue has moved to the next stage of resolution.

Substatus Rules and Automation Illustration

Incoming Email (IEM)

Keep your issue pipeline flowing with an easy, instant way to convert emails into new issues.

Mobile Submit Icon

Submit new issues at the press of a button, whenever and wherever you need to. No forms, no fuss!

Email Submit Icon

Anyone with your designated IEM email address can submit - no need to log in.

Add Note Icon

Save time by easily adding notes via email reply without having to update issues manually.


Save time with Issuetrak's advanced automation.

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