easy integration with the issuetrak API

Our system wants to be neighbors with yours. So, let’s get to know each other.


tear down the walls

Seamlessly integrate your systems with Issuetrak API. Develop applications to optimize how you manage data, issues, users, assets, and more.

work your flow

Create workflow integrations sure to boost your team’s performance and enhance customer service. Increase efficiency, reduce unnecessary interruptions, and strengthen communication.

do it your way

Build applications that allow you to monitor and manage information the way you want. Customize your integrations to address your specific issue-tracking needs.

integration with swagger

Issuetrak API integrates with Swagger to give developers a powerful representation of the API. Quickly get a feel for the API by creating requests and previewing responses through Swagger’s dynamic interface. Make calls from the Swagger UI to Issuetrak API without writing a single line of code. And, take advantage of Swagger’s interactive documentation for quick and efficient integration.


resources for easier integration

Issuetrak provides a .NET client library to make using the API even easier. Let the library do the heavy lifting of creating payloads, signing messages, and serializing/de-serializing. We also provide PHP samples for one of the most popular web scripting languages around.

using open standards

Our new API uses a RESTful architecture designed to keep your integrations nice and simple. Issuetrak API returns your results as JSON by default, but responses can also be requested as XML.


lightning speed

Working Smarter Not Harder
Issuetrak API runs batched database queries to get more done in less time with less network traffic. It also uses asynchronous file I/O to perform resource intensive operations without holding up the works.

Put Those Extra CPUs to Work
Issuetrak API uses the Task Parallel Library to harness the power of multicore servers. Leverage our API’s lightning fast responsiveness to create slick integrations.

putting security first

Communication between your software and Issuetrak API is encrypted using the HTTPS/SSL protocol. Our API also uses random cryptographically strong keys to ensure authorized access only. Issuetrak API’s hash-based message authentication (HMAC) ensures that any calls modifying data are really from the sender.


Solve your issues in one worry-free place.