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Track, communicate, resolve and report on the issues reported to your help desk.

With help desk software from IssueTrak, it will be easier to ensure that issues are handled the way you want them to be. You'll be able to monitor what's going on at all times. Your help desk staff will find it easier to stay on top of their work. Customers will be able to see what is happening with their issues, and you will be able to deliver a higher level of service and support to them.

You will also be able to provide better information about the resources your department needs to perform its work, which helps you justify your budget and staffing needs.
Streamline your help desk procedures
  • IssueTrak's help desk software will automatically assign new issues based on your preferences.
  • When entering a new issue (of a type that occurs regularly), you can select a pre-filled issue from a drop-down menu and only enter specifics relating to this occurrence.
  • Assign tasks to anyone in your organization. You can create a new task or select a predefined group of tasks to add to an issue.
  • Send notifications to members of a distribution list when specific issue types are submitted or other actions occur.
  • When a new issue comes in via email, IssueTrak creates a trackable request based on the email's content, and then automatically assigns the issue. All subsequent email correspondence is saved inside of the issue.
Easily assign, track and manage IT support requests
  • IT help desk software allows administrators to define service level agreements and monitor compliance. Email alerts are sent to individuals or groups when your defined service deadlines are approaching.
  • IssueTrak's help desk software is 100% Web-based with zero footprint. No installation on individual computers is necessary. You can access the IssueTrak IT help desk through a web browser – or mobile phone – to submit or check status of a support request.
  • Customize your dashboard to show the metrics you care about the most. Easily see the number of unassigned, open and escalated issues, average response time, and open incidents by assignee, type and priority.
Manage your IT assets
  • Automatically audit, record and maintain information about your assets in IssueTrak's help desk software.
  • Assets can be linked to specific users. When resolving support requests related to an asset, you can associate the issue with the asset and view its software and hardware components.
  • Use the asset search capability or built-in reports to easily locate items and detect trends, retrieve detailed information about your IT and non-IT assets.
Create and run reports
  • The reporting options available in IssueTrak's help desk software stretch as far as your creativity will allow. Create and run reports on numerous data fields to use in your IT decision making.
  • Schedule reports for delivery to specific people in your organization via email.
Increase user satisfaction
  • Let your users submit issues via email, their web browser, or their mobile phone, and check on the status of their issue anytime, anywhere without interrupting your help desk staff.
Manage a knowledge base of solutions
  • Maintain a collection of resolved issues right at your fingertips. Easily find open and closed issues and help desk requests with simple or advanced searches.
  • Create knowledge base articles from resolved issues instantly or write them from scratch.
  • Email knowledge base articles to customers with open incidents, keep access to the knowledge base restricted, or allow customers to search your knowledge base and resolve issues themselves.

If you'd like more information from our team on the capabilities and applications of our help desk software, please contact us. Or, give it a try yourself through our demo for help desk software.
The software is running stable,
strong and meets our
expectations; a rarity in
the software world!
Dan Orme-Doutre
Powerful Software
High-quality software with an extensive list of features, the flexibility to adapt to the way your organization works, and impressive ease of use.
Fast Response Support
IssueTrak's award-winning technical experts, based in Virginia, work quickly to resolve any problems and consistently exceed customer expectations.
Outstanding Value
Unlimited standard users, 55 free capabilities, and unlimited issues – plus flexible purchase options – make IssueTrak the best value for your investment.
Mobile Access
Take control of your entire organization in a fast and easy mobile optimized format.
Deployment in < 1 Week
You can begin using IssueTrak almost instantly. The web-based software is easy to set up – an automated installer walks you through the steps. It can take as little as 60-90 minutes.
Use Your Own Terminology
Define your own names for issue types, classes, projects, locations and more. Add your own customized fields, screens, menu options. IssueTrak is so flexible it is used by human resources, payroll, tax, executive management, and facilities maintenance in addition to help desk and customer support.
Market-leading Expertise
IssueTrak is the leading web-based issue tracking solution. Proven over the past 10 years, it is used by 1700+ customers in 36 countries, including Microsoft, Cisco, Johnson & Johnson, EDS, Ralph Lauren Polo, Pepsi, UPS, Verizon, Rutgers, Delta Airlines, and the U.S. Dept. of Defense.
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