Using Quick Searches

NOTE: Your search results will include only articles you are allowed to view.

To search the Knowledge Base for a specific article number or included text:

1-   From the Main Menu, click the Knowledge Base option. (However, your site may use a different label for this option, such as FAQs, Library, etc.) This will open the List by Category screen.

2-   To locate a specific article number, enter the ‘Article Nbr’ and click Go. The View Article screen will then appear with any options available to you within the article.

NOTE: When using an article number, only the exact match will be returned.

Example…10 will return only article #10, not every article that begins with 10 or includes 10.

3-   To locate an article by words or partial words included in its Title, Text and/or Tags, enter the terms in the ‘Quick Search’ and click Search.

NOTE: To search on multiple words or character groupings at the same time, use a space or semi-colon (;) between the terms. Any articles containing one or more of these terms will be returned. To return only articles containing all terms (including spaces and semi-colons), enter double-quotes (") around your list. To exclude articles containing a specific term, enter a minus or dash (-) in front of the term.

Examples…color;red will return any articles with the terms color and red, as well as just color, or just red. "color red" will return only articles with the exact term color red. ink -"color red" will return only articles with the term ink but not the term color red.

The Quick Search Results screen will then appear. You may click on a column heading to sort the results by column value. You may click on a Title to open the View Article screen and access any options available to you within the article.