Any organizational unit – such as a company or a subsidiary – interacting directly or indirectly with your IssueTrak system is an “Organization.” Organizations are the largest and most important of all “Entities” within IssueTrak.

Organizations are the primary mechanism for capturing and reporting information related to:

■     Users

■     Issues

■     Projects

■     Assets

■     Departments

■     Locations

Organizations may include clients, vendors, districts, regions, agencies, etc. depending on your operation’s use of IssueTrak.  If you are using IssueTrak for internal use only, you might only have one Organization.  However, internal use does not necessary dictate whether Organizations should be utilized. Even among internal applications of IssueTrak, there may be certain benefits to using Organizations you may not achieve using Department, Location or Region entities.

Organization is a powerful role in IssueTrak.  It can establish the issues, system messages, Global Issues and KB articles available to member users, as well as the interface colors and logos/embedded URLs the member users see once logged into the system.  Specific Issue Types, Subtypes and Quick Picks can be restricted so that only member users of a particular Organization have these values/options available in an issue.

Within Organizational entities, you may grant “Organization Administrator” permissions to certain members, allowing them to add and maintain the member users and Groups for that Organization on their own (without having to grant full Administrator permissions). You may create ‘nested’ Organizations wherein a ‘parent’ Organization has viewing permissions to (multiple) ‘child’ Organization’s issues or users.

In instances where you are supporting clients, Service Contracts may be established for an Organization.  The system will automatically subtract any labor hours recorded in an issue from the balance of hours on the Service Contract.  Multiple contracts may also be established for an Organization.  Users will be able to view and select the appropriate contract when entering their labor hours in an issue.

Auto Assignments, Email Distribution Lists and Escalation Rules may be triggered based on Organization association when an issue is submitted.

NOTE: We offer services to assist you in configuring IssueTrak in the most effective and efficient manner for your operation and business goals. For more information, please contact an IssueTrak representative at 1-866-IssueTrak (477-8387) or


Adding, Editing and Deleting Organizations

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Service Contracts

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