Manual Asset Audit Application

You can manually apply the audits as well.  In IssueTrak, click on Asset Management, then TrakPC Audit.  Click on the apply all link to the right of the Total number.  This will apply all audit records.  If you want, you can apply just those audit records for asset items that already exist.  Or you can apply just the audit records that would create new asset items.

There may be times when you wish to review audit records and put off applying them, or apply only a few of the records in the queue.

To locate, view, and process records individually, choose the Search Audit Items option from the TrakPC Audit menu.  You may select audit records by Status, Computer Name, MAC Address or Audit Date.  To process audit records, choose the Work List output option.

The results of your search will display as a list of audit items with checkboxes to the right side of each record.  Select the records you wish to process and click either the Apply Items button or the Place Items on Hold button at the top of the screen.  There is also a Delete Items option that allows you to remove old audit records.