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Recognizing When a Change is Needed
By IssueTrak Staff
Lisa Cockrell was recently recognized for the S.T.A.R. award for several things.  During the time of transition in the Development department, Lisa took it upon herself to be sure that ASP development went as smoothly as poss...
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You've Heard of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, But... Do You Know How it Got Started?
By IssueTrak Staff
If you're reading this, chances are you've seen one of the most viral phenomena in years – the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge! Whether you, a friend or colleague have been challenged, the concept consists of dumping a bucket of i...
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HR Manager Joins Senior Leadership Team and is Promoted to HR Director
By Julie Heiman
IssueTrak is pleased to announce that Chuck Baggett is now a member of the IssueTrak Senior Leadership Team.  An addition, his title has been changed to Director of Human Resources. It takes a certain type of person, one who...
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Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation
By Julie Heiman
IssueTrak employee, Katy Blevins is on a quest to raise money to aid research efforts in the battle against childhood cancer. It began with Alex’s story about her Lemonade Stand that was started by a 4-year old girl wh...
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Taylor Receives S.T.A.R. Award
By Rosemary Milazzo
Congratulations to Taylor Ross, our current recipient of the S.T.A.R. award.  In just her first year with the company as a staff accountant, Taylor has very quickly learned her new responsibilities and collaborates well with ...
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